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The Endoscopy wing at our Department of Gastroenterology has committed endoscopists; some of them are cream of the crop in their domain. It offers the newest high resolution video endoscopy unit and offers the entire range of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic upper GI, lower GI and pancreatico-biliary intercessions. We also undertake diagnostic upper GI endoscopy, injection and banding of the oesophageal varices, gastric balloon insertion for weight loss etc. The entire staff strives ...

It is an artificial procedure for the diffusion and ultra filtration of blood for eliminating the waste material. It is performed when patient’s kidney is not functioning properly due to a congenital renal abnormality, diabetes or kidney failure etc. This answer was provided by  Adiva | Super Speciality Care ...

In this procedure, a sample of kidney tissue is taken and it is examined under microscope. The sample helps doctor to figure out, how healthy the kidney is. Examination of the tissue provides information required to diagnose, monitor or treat renal disorder. This answer was provided by  Adiva | Super Speciality Care ...

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