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Chronic-Cerebral-Spinal-Venous-Insufficiency-Liberation-Treatment, Spine-Care-Surgery medical articles in San-Miguel-de-Cozumel, Italy

Best Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression Treatment in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy - by: PlacidWay

Are you looking for affordable PLDD package abroad? Get the best package in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy at highly affordable price. ...

Get the Best Spine Surgery in Italy - by: PlacidWay

Spine surgery helps in addressing back pain and discomfort on people who are suffering from it. It has been reported that this type of surgery yields a success rate of 95%.  ...

Interview with Dr. Gian Paolo Tassi, Neurosurgery Specialist - by: Patricia Perez

Dr. Gian Paolo Tassi is a renowned specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Neurosurgery. He has performed 1,800 neurosurgeries and more than 3,500 Percutaneous Laser Disc Comp...

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