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Quiroga Dental

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
?is a clinic located in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico which has been open for over twenty years. ?Thanks to good care, quality and recommendation of our patients. You can find us in other cities in the border of Texas and Arizona. Our clinic has always been concerned to get the latest in technology, equipment and hygiene. We have 5 dental units that help us make your visit as fast as possible.? Our Doctors (some professors in their field at the University Autonoma of Ciudad Juarez) are constantly updating themselves with new treatments, techniques or materials being used.? The clinic is modern and its facilities and equipment are designed especially for U.S. patients and most of our staff speak English

Rio Dental

Juarez, Mexico
Affordable dental care just south of the Texas border… The clinic is owned and operated by Americans. We are proud to attract people from all over the United States who travel here for their dental work. We specialize in performing major work during a short visit at a fraction of the cost in the US. Our doctors are experienced and licensed in Mexico, and the specialists whom we call on to come to our clinic are among the most talented in town. We speak English and are dedicated to providing excellent service.
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