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Location:Kyiv | Ukraine

About:Vitalij Lugovoy is rehabilitation specialist  and Head of rehabilitation team at the Unique Cell Treatment Clinic since 2018....

Speciality:Stem Cell Therapy,

Location:Kyiv, | Ukraine

About:Bio Clinic of regenerative medicine. We perform effective stem cell treatments for: - rejuvenation of the entire body - multiple sclerosis - diabetes - muscular dystrophy - h...

Speciality:Dermatologist, Cosmetologist,

Location:Kiev | Ukraine

About:  Education Graduated from O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University Residence training in the Military Medical Academy (dermatology, male health) Graduate course of m...

Speciality:Senior Biotechnologist

Location:Kiev | Ukraine

About:  Education 2005 - graduated from Uzhgorod National University, Medical Department 2005-2006 - residence training in the F.G. Yanovsky National Institute of Phthisiology ...

Speciality:Stem Cell Therapy, Surgeon,

Location:Kyiv | Ukraine

About:2009-2011 - worked as a scientific supervisor at the Embryonic Tissue Center, founded by his father Alexander Smikodub Sr. in 1994, and was the head of the Cell Therapy U...

Speciality:Endocrinologist, Stem Cell Therapy, General Practice,

Location:Kyiv | Ukraine

About:Dr. Iuliia Onofriichuk | Stem Cell Doctor in Kyiv, Ukraine by Unique Cell Treatment Clinic Biography of Dr. Iuliia Onofriichuk – Stem Cell Dr. Iuliia Onofriichuk provides t...

Speciality:Stem Cell Therapy, Cardiologist, General Practice,

Location:Kyiv | Ukraine

About:Dr. Olena Gonza | Stem Cell Doctor in Kyiv, Ukraine by Unique Cell Treatment Clinic Biography of Dr. Olena Gonza | Stem Cell Dr. Olena Gonza provides the best Stem Cell Therapy i...

Speciality:Stem Cell Therapy Specialist,

Location:Kiev | Ukraine

About:Background With Stem Cells  Study of stem cells and their therapeutic effects in different diseases - from 2001.  One of the Ukrainian stem cell therapy pioneers (in cli...

Speciality:طبيب عام, مساعدة رئيس الاطباء

Location:Kiev | Ukraine

About::التعليم   2004 تخرجت من الجامعة الطبية بوخافينسكي (تخصص الامراض الباطنية) 2006 انهت دورة في ا...

Speciality:أخصائي في الخلايا الجذعية, أخصائي في طب نقل الدم

Location:Kiev | Ukraine

About:الخلفية في مجال الخلايا الجذعية: هو أحد الرواد في التطبيق السريري للخلايا الجذعية الجنينية في أ...
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