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Laws regarding surrogacy differ throughout the world yet there are those few places where one can choose to go for affordable surrogacy. Understand the basics of surrogacy and how it works in countries where these programs are available.
PlacidWay medical tourism company provides healthcare options that fit your personal needs, finances & desires. Get the best of dental treatments, cosmetic surgery, stem cell therapy, fertility treatments, diabetes treatments, cardiac surgeries and treatments, etc. abroad.
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Are you trying to conceive, but with no result?  Are you looking for a cost effective, results-providing fertility procedure? Does your home country ban these procedures or you can’t afford undergoing one? The surrogacy + cryopreserved embryos package available in Georgia may be the option you’re searching for!
Reproductive Health Center is the most advanced fertility center in Caucasus, which is located in one of the oldest Maternity Hospital in Tbilisi established in 1875. Due to its long history, continuous development and innovation, Chachava Clinic became one of the leading hospitals in Caucasus. Reproductive Health Center opened in 2014 in virtue of its high technological standards, state-of-the-
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