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Giostar Mexico is the result of these efforts and is now available for people looking for alternative solutions in Center and North America, offering autologous and allogenic stem cell therapy for the treatment of a wide variety of diseases currently known as incurable.

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  • Jay
    (5 out of 5) Google

    My wife and I traveled to Los Algodones to have stem cell Anti Aging therapy at GIOSTAR Mexico. Our experience was extraordinary, the hotel accommodation were greatand the restaurant on site Mi Casa. The therapy was totally rejuvenating. Following the treatment, I had renewed energy and felt amazing. I plan on returning every couple of years.


  • John
    (5 out of 5) Google

    I was experiencing severe pain and limitation in an arthritic knee. I traveled to Giostar for PRP and stem cell treatment. I completed a course of three treatments over several months. The facilities and treatment team were both top notch. Crossing the border was extremely fast and easy. The treatment itself was incredibly effective. In fact, I was able to compete and obtain a Silver Medal at the Master Worlds Jiu Jitsu Championships as a direct result of the treatment I received. I highly recommend this facility


  • Gabriela
    (5 out of 5) Google

    My experience at GIOSTAR MEXICO has been wonderful. The team is absolutely great and have treated me with total ethics. What can I say, my experience here has been so good. Thanks so much guys.


  • Pedro
    (5 out of 5) Google

    Without a doubt the best attention I could possibly had, everyone is so nice and thoughtful. The clinic is so clean.


  • Larry
    (5 out of 5) Google

    I suffered a stroke in October 2018, I lost mobility in my left side and had reduced speech, it was a level 5 stroke. I was administered the TPH stroke recovery injection within the specified time. I spent 6-7 days in the hospital on the stroke ward, and then was moved to a rehab facility. I received outstanding and compassionate care at both locations.

    When I was discharged from the rehab hospital I was able to walk with a cane, to the surprise of all clinicians. But, the long term prospects for continued recovery looked bleak!

    I wanted to find solutions that would allow me to continue my recovery to the greatest extent possible. An acquaintance had expounded on their recovery through stem cell therapy treatments. Conferred with several doctors and they had mixed feelings about this treatment.

    When I found GioStar we spoke to them several times to clearly understand what was involved in the stem cell therapy and the benefits many patients had experienced. My wife and I decided to pursue this course of stem cell therapy once we were satisfied with the details. This was an opportunity that was best initiated as soon as we could after the stroke 7 months. I received 3 stem cell treatments over a 90 day period combined with over 80 at least 10 were recommended between treatments hyperbaric treatments over the next 6 months. GioStar also recommended additional supplements that I took daily during this time as well.

    While there were a combination of treatments involved, I believe that the stem cell therapy treatments that I received at GioStar have helped me to recover well past the expected point of recovery with just rehab alone!

    I was unable to snap my fingers on my left hand, within a short time after my first treatment I was able to snap them again. My Neurologist was very surprised as he had never had a patient, with my level of stroke recover this function. I have continued to improve and today I am around 85 to 90% recovered.

    I would encourage anyone who has had a stroke or has a family member that has, to seriously consider GioStar as a very viable avenue to enhanced stroke recovery.

    Thank You GioStar and the staff in Los Algodonas for your compassionate and professional care!


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