Blepharoplasty Surgery in New Delhi India | Med Esthetiks

Blepharoplasty Surgery in New Delhi India | Med Esthetiks

Blepharoplasty Surgery in New Delhi India

Blepharoplasty Surgery in New Delhi India is the best cosmetic procedure solution for those of you who want to improve your appearance. You can now find Top Blepharoplasty Surgery in New Delhi India at Med Aesthetics. Get the best cosmetic/plastic surgery from experts who are experienced in their fields, so that your body and beauty aesthetics can improve perfectly.

Blepharoplasty Surgery: An Overview

Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery is a procedure for the treatment of droopy eyes and to remove the excess skin from the eyelids. The surgery is also done to remove or reduce bagginess from under the lower eyelids. Also called an eye lift, the treatment is done for cosmetic reasons generally.

Why is it Done? | Blepharoplasty Surgery in New Delhi India

An eye-lift or blepharoplasty surgery is done for aesthetic purposes to remove the excess and sagging skin around the eyelids. But sometimes it is also done to lift the sagging eyelids hampering the sight in older people. An eye-lift does not remove dark circles, fade fine lines and crow’s feet, or get rid of wrinkles. But it can be done along with other procedures for all such improvements.

Excess and sagging skin on the eyelids cause them to look heavy and make the person look older and may even hamper the vision. Eye-lift surgery is done to deal with these issues. The eyelid surgery may be opted for the following reasons:

  • Sagging or drooping upper eyelids
  • Under-eye bags
  • Excessive and loose wrinkled skin under the eyes
  • Excess skin in the upper eyelids blocking the vision

Who can Go for it? | Blepharoplasty Surgery in New Delhi India

The procedure is generally taken by the people looking to get anti-aging treatments. Anyone who is experiencing sagging of skin around the eyelids or feeling discomforted by it, can opt for an eye-lift/blepharoplasty. Even those with baggy under-eye areas or sagging eyebrows can choose to undergo blepharoplasty. For some, the procedure may be the way to improve their sight if their vision is blocked due to sagging skin.

Sagging of the skin around your eyes is a natural part of aging, but you may consider this type of surgery if you’re starting to find such effects bothersome. Candidates also seek out blepharoplasty if they have significant bags under their eyes or if their eyebrows are starting to sag. The following persons may opt for eyelid surgery:

  • Experiencing excess puffiness of the eyes
  • Sagging skin around the eyes due to aging
  • Experiencing vision obstruction due to excess skin
  • Looking to reduce signs of aging

Preparation and Procedure

Preparing for eye-lift/blepharoplasty surgery requires you to consult with a plastic surgeon and discuss your reasons for choosing the procedure, your concerns, and your expected results. The surgeon will require you to undergo some medical and physical examinations for a better insight into your medical and physical conditions.

In the physical test, your eyes and the area around them are examined and the eyes are measured. You will also need to undergo vision and tear tests. Pictures of the area will be taken for reference during the procedure and for medical records.

The blepharoplasty surgeries are conducted on an outpatient basis and the patients are sent home a few hours after the procedure. General anesthesia is administered before the surgery in some cases, while in most cases only a local anaesthesia or numbing agent is injected.

For an upper eyelid procedure, a small incision is made within the natural crease of the eyelid. The excess skin is removed, and the fat or muscle tissues are removed or repositioned as the case may be. Once the muscles are tightened and the skin is removed, the surgeon closes the incision.

For a blepharoplasty on the lower eyelid, fat is removed by making an incision right below the lower lash line. Since the procedure is conducted in this area to remove under-eye bags, generally just fat is removed and sometimes a little of skin as well.

The incisions made in the blepharoplasty procedure are so designed to ensure that the scars are well concealed within the natural arrangement of the eye region.

The incisions are closed either with sutures or with skin glue. The sutures are removed within a week after the surgery.

The Recovery Process

Recovery after an eye-lift is faster than in other cosmetic procedures. You will be sent home a few hours after the procedure once you’ve been monitored for any side effects. The swelling around the operated areas may take some time to subside. You will be advised to rest for a few days after the surgery and also be prescribed some medications to relieve swelling and any kind of pain. These symptoms will generally go away in a week or two.

You will be advised not to wear contact lenses for the next few weeks post the eye-lift surgery. The operated area needs to be cleaned with only water or a mild wash and needs to be kept clean and safe. After a few days, you will be required to visit our doctor for a recovery update and removal of sutures, if needed.

Wrapping it Up!

Eye-lift or blepharoplasty surgery is used to treat the visible signs of aging and only reduces the sagging of eyelids and removes under-eye bags. The recovery is fast and fairly simpler. For anyone facing discomfort due to excess skin around their eyes can opt for the eye-lift surgery and rejuvenate the tired looking face.

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