The Success of EmBio Brings Tears of Joy

EmBio Medical Center literally changed the life of Eleni, and the little bundle of joy that she holds in her arms reminds her of her good fortune every time she looks into her son's beautiful eyes.

EmBio Medical Center is an infertility treatment center located in Athens, Greece. Greece has long been known as the birthplace of civilization and played a pivotal role in the lives of many women desperate to conceive a child of their own. Focusing on IVF (in Vitro fertilization), Eleni took her leap of faith and benefited from her trust in Dr. Paraschos and his clinic in making her dreams come true.

At the time, Eleni was just about hopeless that she'd ever conceived her own child. She was depressed, despondent, and just about at the point where she resolved that she'd be childless, a miracle happened.

"I am grateful to God and you for giving me the joy of motherhood," Eleni writes to Dr. Paraschos following the birth of her little baby boy. I wish happiness to you and your family.  May God look after you so you can continue your work. My little boy is called Thanasis; however I remember you when I sometimes call him Thanos."

About Dr. Paraschos and EmBio Medical Center

Dr. Thanos Paraschos is one of the most innovative reproductive specialists in the world. His clinic, specializing in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), employs only the best in medical and scientific staff, all of whom strive to meet individual needs, hopes, and desires of the couples that come to see him.

Since the late 1990s, the EmBio Medical center has helped fulfill the deepest wishes of couples wishing to conceive and their children have been born around the world. Thousands of women are smiling today, and the laughter of untold babies and children helps to brighten the world around them, thanks to the expertise, experience, and compassion of Dr. Paraschos.

EmBio Medical Center is proud to boast the highest IVF success rate in Europe. Nevertheless, this isn't the only reason why women from around the world come to see him. Dr. Paraschos is known for his intensely compassionate and passionate patient-entered care and his clinic's state- of-the-art and latest cutting edge reproductive technologies offer them their best hope of holding that little bundle of joy in their arms.

"Experienced specialists at EmBio take care of each of our patients with the safest and latest fertility methods," says Dr. Paraschos. "Studies have shown that conception is more likely in a relaxing atmosphere. We do our best to provide that atmosphere. The success rates in aided fertility are exceptionally high at EmBio, one of the largest and most reliable fertility centers in Europe."

Hopes of Motherhood Realized

The success rate of the staff at EmBio is not only a result of hard work, research and careful implementation of in vitro fertilization methodologies. They are the result of the compassionate, caring and determined care of Dr. Paraschos and his staff to help fulfill often heart-wrenching dreams of motherhood by their patients.

"I was hopeless when I came to you after having had nine attempts with IVF," writes Eleni. Actually, Eleni was prepared to give up after the first unsuccessful attempt at IVF at the clinic, but Dr. Paraschos convinced her to give it one more try.

She will never forget the gratitude she feels as she took Dr. Paraschos' advice and that one last try was the one that proved successful. Eleni learned never to give up, and the gift she holds in her arms is proof for other women that anything is possible, especially when you have the best IVF medical treatment facility in the world focusing on helping women of all cultures and races achieve their deepest goal.

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