Scoliosis Deformity Correction in Pune India

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Scoliosis Deformity Surgery India

Scoliosis Deformity Correction in Pune India

Suffering from continuous pain and difficulty of breathing due to Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a medical condition wherein the spine has an abnormal curvature that bends to the left or right side of the spinal axis. The cause can be classified to be congenital or idiopathic (unknown). Scoliosis can be treated in different ways through the use of braces and surgery. However, Spinal fusion with instrumentation is the treatment of choice when the patient has a steady, worsening curve angle.

Spinal fusion utilizes a bone graft harvested from the patient (autologous) so that two bony surfaces can grow together. Spinal instrumentation thru the use of titanium or alloy implants (rods, plates, hooks, screws) is also used in order to stabilize and straighten the curved spine.

Renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Narendra Vaidya | Joint Replacement Specialist, Pune, India is an expert in providing affordable Scoliosis Deformity Correction thru spinal fusion with instrumentation!

Spinal fusion with instrumentation is highly recommended for individuals who feel:

  • continuous pain especially during standing or walking
  • difficulty in breathing
  • “off balance”
  • has a worsening spinal curve angle

How Much Does Spinal Fusion Cost?

You can have your spinal fusion at Dr. Narendra Vaidya | Joint Replacement Specialist, Pune, India for a 7 day- hospital stay for ONLY $8,000!


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Spinal Fusion with instrumentation
7 days hospital stay
The guaranteed relief for back pain is here!

7 Benefits of Spinal Fusion with Dr. Vaidya:

  • Pain can be relieved and spinal deformity can be corrected!
  • Dr. Narendra Vaidya is a highly experienced surgeon performing more than 30,000 knee and spinal surgeries!
  • Affordable ONLY $8,000 compared to other orthopedic centers
  • Uses advanced medical technology
  • Practices international and safe hospital standards
  • Accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) as the “Best Hospital in Emergency Medical Services in India”
  • Has an international patient program to assist you!

Spine Surgery can be worth it to relieve continuous pain! Avail of the Scoliosis Deformity Correction only at Dr. Narendra Vaidya | Joint Replacement Specialist, Pune, India!

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