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Treatment :Eye/Lasik Care

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Location : Circuito Brasil No,82, Parque Industrial 'El Alamo', Baja California Mexicali, Mexico

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Cataract Surgery in Mexicali, Mexico

Topmost Cataract Surgery in Mexicali, Mexico

Cataract surgery is the only method currently used to treat the symptoms of cataracts. During the procedure, the doctor removes the lens (natural lens of the eye), damaged by cataract. Normally, the lens is designed to focus the light beam which then passes through the other components of the eye to reach the retina, where the image is formed. The lens can be replaced with an artificial similar piece called intraocular implant or a contact lens with the same function can be used instead.

In some cases, surgery among people with cataracts is needed for another associated ophthalmic pathology, such as diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration. The cataract should be removed by an ophthalmologist specializing in the treatment of retinal and optic nerve conditions.


Benefits of Cataract Surgery

  • Decreases glare
  • Improves peripheral vision and depth perception
  • Improves vision
  • Increases independence


Cost, Inclusions, and Exclusions

At Family Hospital, the cataract surgery's price starts at $2,500 per eye and includes:

  • All surgical fees, doctor fees, anesthesiologist fees
  • Ground transportation from San Diego, CA or Yuma, AZ. (if not needed USD 200 can be deducted)

The price excludes:

  • Hotel Nights (2 is recommended)
  • Meals
  • Airfare


Why Choose Us?

  • Highly skilled and experienced medical team
  • The staff speaks fluent English
  • The medical center cares about the patient’s safety, comfort and offers full support to the patient
  • Multiple choices of treatment
  • The treatment and recovery is quick and safe


Know all about the cataract surgery offered in Mexicali, Mexico! Contact us!

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Circuito Brasil No,82, Parque Industrial 'El Alamo', Baja California

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  • Dr. Ismael Avila Iniguez
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