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Location : Sector 40, Plot No. 19, Opposite Konkan Rail Vihar,Near Seawood Station, Palm Beach Road,
Seawood (W) New Mumbai, Mumbai, India 4000706

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Cerebellar Ataxia refers to a condition of unsteadiness of gait. Causes of ataxia are varied.  It includes, among others, alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, thyroid disease and genetic abnormalities.  It may also result from a viral infection or chicken pox during childhood.  Various disorders fall under ataxia, including Freidrichs Ataxia. 

Cerebellar Ataxia is caused by the degeneration of the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls coordination and balance.  Onset varies greatly from childhood to late adulthood. Childhood onset of Cerebellar Ataxia is more than likely caused by genetic abnormalities.  Most of these cases are inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion; however, there have been rare cases where it has been traced to the X chromosome.

The treatment of cerebellar ataxia remains primarily a neurorehabilitation challenge, employing physical, occupational, speech, and swallowing therapy; adaptive equipment; driver safety training; and nutritional counseling. Modest additional gains are seen with the use of medications that can improve balance, incoordination, or dysarthria.

The area of research that currently holds the most promise is the idea of stem cells. Ethical concerns hold back much of the research on embryonic stem cells, so more focus is on adult stem cells. 

Stem cells derived from the bone marrow have been transplanted into the spine, followed up rehabilitation. This has helped reduce symptoms and improve co-ordination and imbalance problems.

  • Airports pick up and drop via ambulance/car.
  • Stay at the hospital in a deluxe room (care taker accommodated along with patient).
  • Pre-operative investigations as required, (MRI/PET CT scans, EMG & NCV and blood tests).
  • Stem Cell Therapy.
  • A comprehensive rehabilitation program which includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychological counseling, genitourinary rehabilitation, sexual rehabilitation.
  • Specialty consultations during the stay.
  • Nursing care.
  • Vegetarian food for the patient and one attendant.
  • The above packages are at a fixed cost
  • Payment Mode: 100% payment through SWIFT transfer before admission.

At NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute we provide a ray of hope to people who have none and thereby increase the quality of life.

NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute is an institution which not just wants to give treatment to the patients but also take into consideration the overall well being of the patient.

The NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute has been set up to help such patients get relief from their symptoms and physical disabilities using the safest and most effective available treatments and technologies from the field of the Neurosciences & Regenerative medicine in a professional & scientific as well as a holistic & caring manner.


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Sector 40, Plot No. 19, Opposite Konkan Rail Vihar,Near Seawood Station, Palm Beach Road,
Seawood (W) New Mumbai,

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