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Patient Testimonials: Orthopedic Clinic in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group

Orthopedic Clinic in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group presents the best solution for patients who have problems with bones, muscles and joints. Check below testimonials from patients who have undergone Orthopedic Surgery in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group!

This is where patients will get the Best Orthopedic Treatment in Turkey using modern medical methods and technology. Some of the procedures that are common and much selected by the patients nowadays are:

For more information about the testimonials of patients who have used the services at the Orthopedic Clinic in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group, here are their stories:

Mr. Brahim from Algeria - Orthopedic Clinic in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group

“We have been well welcomed since the day we arrived in Turkey for my cousin's surgery, we found a fully equipped VIP van waiting for us at the airport, and then they drove us to the hotel where we spent our night.

The next day, they took us to the hospital where we have been warmly greeted by the medical team and the person's in charge. After the greeting, the doctor examined my cousin and made his diagnosis. They told us every detail about the preoperative and postoperative procedures; they didn’t hide any information from us.

Now Thanks to Allah my cousin is in good condition after having his surgery. We wish him a quick recovery

I want to thank all the team who we meet they were very kind and nice. “ - Written by: Mr. Brahim from Algeria

Mr. Dicka Jacques from Cameroon - Orthopedic Clinic in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group

“When I arrived at the airport, I found the TURAN TURAN team waiting for me. They also gave me on the phone, before my departure from Cameroun all the required information that I needed to know, such as what I’m going to encounter at the airport after I arrive in Turkey. They had assured me that they would be there. They were so nice and kind.

And indeed as they promised me, they were waiting for us when we got there. They met me and my wife and take us directly in a comfortable VIP car from Istanbul to Bursa.

I had my surgery in less than 24 hours since my arrival in Turkey. I can assure you that everything went very well much more than I expected.

They assisted me to walk the next morning and evening after my surgery. I couldn't believe that I started walking on the next day of the operation. I don’t know how does this happen? I have never seen something like that before anywhere else.

When I evaluate my whole experience in general, I found that it was perfect, actually very perfect; I’m very satisfied and happy.

My wife and I are very satisfied with the treatment and service.“ - Written by: Mr. Dicka Jacques from Cameroon

Mr. Faye from Senegal - Orthopedic Clinic in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group

“I came here to Turkey for my medical care, through the tourist agency of Mr. Salif in Dakar, Senegal, who put me in contact with this great man, Mr. Oussama Bensalem from Prusa Medica.

They helped me a lot since my arrival and during my entire stay. First, they welcomed me at the airport and brought me back to a classy hotel

I was consulted by a medical professor who auscultated and treated me very well. I feel good, I have been recovering very well. I will come back here after 6 months to continue my treatment until I will be completely cured.

I thank the Good Lord and all the medical facilities where I went, the doctors, the nurses, and even the hotel personnel where I stayed and ate very well

They have treated me very well every place I went. Here, they treat all people the same regardless of the color of their skin. Sometimes some people treat us the black people badly but this is not the case here in Turkey, it is a country where there is a lot of peace, honor, and hospitality.

I thank all the doctors and professors and teams who examined me and treated me very well, I had a good treatment.” - Written by: Mr. Faye from Senegal

Ms. Margarita from Ukraine - Orthopedic Clinic in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group

“I'm grateful to your medical specialists for using their resourceful and multi-tasking skills to help me.

Of course, the first day was difficult which is considered normal after a serious hip joint surgery. I succeed in overcoming this difficulty with the help of very friendly and caring staff.

I would like to thank the surgeon, the entire surgical team, and all the staff of your center for their support, attention, and sensitive care.

Thank you very much, I hope I will recover quickly. I did not expect that I could walk on the second day after the operation. Thank you so much. “ - Written by: Ms. Margarita from Ukraine

Ms. Shahida from Uzbekistan - Orthopedic Clinic in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group

“The operation went very well; I didn't expect the surgery to be so much successful. I was able to stand up just 6 hours after the procedure, on the next day I started walking alone and moving freely.

The results of the operation met my expectations. When I got to the hospital, I was weighing 104 Kg and now my weight is 95 Kg, just a week later. It is a very good result for a week. I am very pleased with these results.

I'm expecting a way better result; I want to be 55 kg. “ - Written by: Ms. Shahida from Uzbekistan

Mr. Yoppa from Cameroon - Orthopedic Clinic in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group

“We arrived on February 11, 2021. On February 12 at 8 am, I had my surgery.

The whole team welcomed me and he was waiting for my arrival at the hospital.

Thanks to God, it went well. After five hours of my intervention, I woke up, everything was fine.

The next day, Saturday morning, I put my foot on the ground for the first time after a long time, and from that moment I started walking like a normal person. I no longer have pain in my leg. I feel better.

I am very happy because all the team we had here was very kind. When I left my country, I was a little frustrated that I was going elsewhere, we did not know how we were going to be welcomed, but we saw that here, the color of your skin doesn’t matter, that we are all human beings.

In Turkey, we treat the people friendly, everyone is welcoming, the medical staff, the nurses, I felt at home. I thank the whole team.

I am very happy and my children were very surprised to see me walk, I came here with my crutches and I will go back to my country without them.

I am very grateful to God and many thanks to everyone and all the team. May God bless you. “ - Written by: Mr. Yoppa from Cameroon

Ms. Yulia from Russia - Orthopedic Clinic in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group

“We came from Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan City, to treat the bone damage in my wife's hip joint. None of the clinics in Russia were able to perform this surgery.

They advised us to travel to Turkey to have her examined by one of the best pioneer doctors in Orthopedic.

Dr. Kayhan Turan and his team examined my wife and performed her surgery, although it was very difficult.

The surgery was successful; my wife is currently in the postoperative recovery process.

Thank you very much for everything. “ - Written by: Ms. Yulia from Russia

Ms. Zeliha - Orthopedic Clinic in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group

“If I knew the surgery would be that easy, I'd have had it before.

I am feeling much better very after the surgery, I really thank Dr. Kayhan, and he brought me back to life.

My pains ceased, I had suffered a lot of pain before, thank you very much. “- Written by: Ms. Zeliha

Ms. IRINA - Orthopedic Clinic in Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group


"I was diagnosed with coxarthrosis for both my right and left hip 10 years ago. All these years I did not dare to have surgery.There were many questions about surgery in my mind. Where should I have the operation? How would the operation end? With good results or bad results? I had to preparemyself morally.

We came to Turkey for a holiday, we stayed in hotel in Alanya, my son was trying to persuade me to have surgery in Istanbul. We sent several requests to the various clinics in Turkey.We got the most complete and detailed answer from this clinic. We were looking for high technology, high healing results in the endoprosthesis. This clinic was suitable for us. We called, agreed, came and had surgery. We are very pleased.

The operation went well, recovery was very fast, the doctor was excellent, the clinic staff is very good. They worked very quickly and professionally." - Written by Ms. IRINA

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