The Good Samaritan Medical Center Lives up to Its Name

The Good Samaritan Medical Center, located in Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico, provides over twenty years of experience for inpatient as well as outpatient needs. Located just across the border, minutes away from El Paso, Texas, the medical center is first-class, staffed with highly trained, licensed, and experienced personnel to provide the ultimate in high quality care.

Treatment Options at Good Samaritan

A number of treatment options are available at Good Samaritan Medical Center, including but not limited to cancer treatment, care for cardiovascular disease and heart conditions, chronic degenerative disease therapies, as well as those related to the immune system. Individuals diagnosed with allergies or gastrointestinal issues also find experienced and highly qualified care from staff at Good Samaritan.

Good Samaritan Medical Center provides a whole body approach to care, combining conventional medical therapies, treatments and procedures with holistic therapies. Natural treatments combined with nutritional support offer optimal benefits for many patients without having a negative impact on the body. In addition to providing traditional general and orthopedic, bariatric and cardiac surgeries, therapies offered at Good Samaritan Medical Center include but are not limited to chelation and ozone therapy, live cells therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, and colon therapy.

Dr. Ricardo James heads the medical staff, graduated from one of the most prestigious medical schools in Mexico, which also receives medical students from the United States and other foreign countries. With over three decades of experience treating degenerative diseases, as well as cancer and heart disease, he provides the best in experienced, compassionate and educated care. "I work primarily with natural medicine, but when patients need surgical intervention, I proceed with a wide variety of techniques to perform those surgeries in a less invasive way," states Dr. James. "Natural treatments have been used for thousands of years because of their effectiveness, and have less [detrimental] impact on the body as a whole."

A wide variety of alternative treatments and therapies are offered at Good Samaritan Medical Center. Chelation therapy is one, helping rid the body of potentially poisonous substances including heavy metals. Ozone therapy enriches the body with powerful oxidants that can kill cancer cells through direct exposure. Live, purified calf embryo cells are utilized in a variety of cancer, allergy and autoimmune conditions that serve to promote, enhance and regenerate cellular structures, tissues and organs in the body. Bio identical hormone replacement therapies provide a boost of estrogen and progesterone to menopausal women, in combination with other hormones to reduce and alleviate menopause symptoms as well as reduce risk of future osteoporosis.

Good Samaritan Medical Center, led by the dedication and devotion of Dr. James, provides a well-rounded approach to medical care and treatment. Medical staff includes certified and trained cardiologists, vascular medicine specialists, pediatricians, nephrologists, orthopedists, and medical and clinical oncologists, among others.

Mexico is a beautiful travel destination, and Chihuahua, located so close to El Paso, Texas, provides a variety of attractions and accommodations for travelers arriving for treatment. For more information about the Good Samaritan Medical Center, visit, a leader in domestic and international medical travel, resources, and providers based in Denver, Colorado.

The Good Smaritan Medical Center is not just a name, it is a concept.