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Check out the best wellness tourism destinations for complete healing of your body, mind, and soul. 


PlacidWay announces a featured partnership with German International Clinic, a holistic outpatient day clinic, offering holistic alternative medicine for immune system activation, regeneration, and detoxification for the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases. Through their advanced alternative methods and specialized medical staff, German International Clinic serves to meet the changing needs of its medical and international clientele.


We caught up with Dr. Ricardo Orre James M.D. and asked him to explain to us a bit about The Good Samaritan Medical Center's high success in the medical tourism industry. He was kind to answer our questions, which you will see here.


NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the fundamental dynamics between mind and body and can change any behavior of mind.


Health Our First Priority - by: Dr. Prakash Shah

Do not suffer from chronic diseases for yourself or in your family and get total cure to remove root cause of disease. Tremendous suffering could be avoided, but people don't know the right method.


Men and women seek cosmetic procedures and stem cell therapies abroad, PlacidWay medical tourism experts have concluded. The 2012 figures compared to 2011 have determined a brighter look for medical travel, as experts and thought leaders announce the exponential increase in the number of medical travelers for 2013 and the near future.


Are you looking for a healthier, younger appearance? Do you want your insides to feel as healthy and fresh as you look on the outside following a cosmetic surgical procedure? If you do, Chennai Plastic Surgery Center provides a variety of treatments that may help you reach your goals without a bunch of fuss and muss.


An expert on medical tourism, Goel is confident that the medical tourism industry's development in recent years has increased the potential of globalization of medical care and services. Merging companies and providers provides active participation in national and international markets, creating one large and interconnected global medical marketplace.


Live Cell Therapy - by: Michael L. Culbert ScD | Bio Care Hospital & Health Center

Since the beginning of mankind healing disease has been a permanent concern. The renovation of life and healing have been constant inspirations for research. In this pursuit Paracelsus, a physician in the sixteenth century, issued a thesis that said that heart heals heart, lung heals lung, liver cures liver and in general like heals like.


Rejuvenation & Antiaging Program at IBC Hospital - by: Bio Care Hospital & Health Center

Now that the conquest of most infectious diseases and common traumata has expanded our expectations concerning life itself, we face the inexorable fact of aging and, of equal or greater importance the many aging related diseases with their heavy baggage of metabolic dysfunctions and disabilities.

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