Best Real Time Surgical Imaging System in Turkey: O-ARM

Best Real-Time Surgical Imaging System in Turkey

O-ARM; is a Real Time Surgical Imaging System in Turkey designed for use in many surgical procedures such as spine, cranial and orthopedic surgeries. It allows the medical team to carry out instantaneous imaging of a patient’s anatomy during the operation, which almost eliminates the possibility of placing the implants in wrong areas. You can find Real Time Surgical Imaging System in Turkey at Turan Turan Health Group. So what is the implementation like? Below you will find more information.

O-ARM and Neuromonitoring

O-Arm and Neuromonitoring devices were developed to be used in brain and spine surgeries and all kind of surgical procedures that require nerve monitoring and three-dimensional imaging, which considerably minimize the possibility of screwing the implants into unwanted areas and significantly reduce the risks of vascular, nervous, spinal cord and vital organ injuries.

The use of this Real Time Surgical Imaging System devices in scoliosis, kyphosis and spinal stenosis surgeries, and all sorts of operations involving screw fixation into the spine, increases these surgery’s’ success rates and diminishes the risks of its surgical complications.

O-ARM Technology

O-ARM Real Time Surgical Imaging System in Turkey is a cutting edge mobile radiological imaging system. Thanks to its advanced technology, we can obtain during the surgery in the operating room 3-dimensional tomography images in a sterile way, which allows the surgeon to makes sure that the implants are positioned correctly in the spine.

  • In this way, unwanted conditions that may be experienced during surgery such as nerve palsy and infection are prevented.
  • Also, the surgery’s success rate can be maximized if the neuronavigation system has been used and it is synchronized with the O-ARM device.
  • O-ARM Technology is being used efficiently for herniated disc, spinal stenosis, scoliosis and kyphosis surgeries and the other similar surgical procedures.

How Is The O-ARM Used During Spine Surgery?

O-ARM Real Time Surgical Imaging System in Turkey is a portable imaging device with an O-shaped arm, installed on the operating table to capture radiological images. It works like a computed tomography device and takes three-dimensional images in real-time during surgery. Thus, the O-ARM guides the surgeon by giving him 2D and 3D information on the patient's anatomical structures and objects with strong x-ray attenuation such as the vertebral anatomy and implant placement. According to these data, the doctor performs the operations with high accuracy by making the required adjustments during the surgeries.

Neuromonitoring Technology

Thanks to the Neuromonitoring system, the nerves’ electrical waves are monitored in brain and spine surgeries, to prevent any complications such as nerves damages.

This technology of Real Time Surgical Imaging System in Turkey allows the surgical team to control and monitor in real time the nerve roots and reflex arc during surgery with electrodes, these latter are placed on the patient’s body before the operation.

In this way, the use of the Neuromonitoring system in spine operations such as scoliosis surgery preserves the patient's quality of life by minimizing the surgery’s risks and preventing any irreversible damages.

What are the Advantages of O-arm and Neuromonitoring Technologies?

  • The patient receives less radiation,
  • Instant information is given to the surgeon at each stage of the surgery and the position of the screw in the bone is displayed simultaneously,
  • Since we can screw in with smaller incisions, hospitalization and recovery time, possibility of infection, bleeding amount and blood transfusion needs are reduced,
  • Minimizes the major risks of complex surgeries,
  • And finally, it reduces the possibility of developing nerve palsy due to spinal cord injuries.

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