Individuals with different limb length or limb deformities have increasingly benefited from limb lengthening surgery. However, not all surgeries and surgeons are created equal. One of the most popular and high quality locations individuals have been traveling to in recent years for limb lengthening surgery is the Memorial Hizmet Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. The reason why Hizmet has become so popular is because of their use of the Ilizarov Method.

The Ilizarov Method
The Ilizarov Method is a reconstruction technique utilized to lengthen an extremity. The technique is mainly used for the filling of bone defects or correcting bone deformities. The Ilizarov Method is applicable to both children and adults that have been diagnosed with a congenital bone deformity that affects limb growth, as well as those experiencing traumatic limb damage or bone losses.

The Ilizarov Method utilizes bone cut during a surgical procedure that is then lengthened in a slow and gradual process. Most bones can be lengthened between 15% and 100% of the original length of the bone fragment through the Ilizarov Method. The technique has been perfected by the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology angular studies at the Istanbul University's Faculty of Medicine.

Benefits of the Ilizarov Bone Lengthening Method
"Individuals diagnosed with a number of conditions may benefit from this minimally invasive surgical procedure," states Pramod Goel, president and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical tourism and medical facilitator. "Those diagnosed with deformities, chronic osteomyelitis, pseudoarthrosis, and bone trauma may benefit from the bone lengthening method performed by experienced and qualified doctors and surgeons at Memorial Hizmet Hospital in Istanbul."

The Ilizarov Method proceeds along a step-by-step process that includes an initial consultation and evaluation of the patient. Diagnostic imaging including x-rays and various bone density and growth tests are ordered. Following examination, the surgical team discusses optimal outcomes and a variety of treatment alternatives with the patient.

Following consultation, surgery is performed. The appropriate size of the bone lengthening devices is tried on the patient and then fixed to the ends of the patient's cut bone with surgical wires and screws. The surgical procedure is minimally invasive, performed through 1 to 3 very small incisions not measuring more than a few centimeters in length. This approach helps to prevent bone and surrounding soft tissue damage.

Following the installation of the bone lengthening device, the lengthening procedure is actually begun a week following surgery. Through this process, the severed bone ends are separated by approximately 1 mm on a daily basis. The process of separation usually takes between three and seven days.

The rehabilitation process is begun one or two days following surgery in order to maintain muscle function, strength and elasticity as well as range of motion. At this time, patients are encouraged to stand and bear weight on both their legs following the advice of doctors and physical therapists when it comes to initial gait training and walking.

After discharge from the hospital, the patient is encouraged to undergo physical therapy.  Learning how to walk with the device and engaging in daily activities such as bathing are also taught by the therapists in conjunction with the doctor's orders.

Within a couple of months, the bone growth may reach its required alignment and length. When the doctor determines that the new bone growth is strong enough, the lengthening device is removed through either general anesthesia or a local anesthetic. The doctor may recommend temporary bracing or casting for 1 to 2 more months, depending on the patient's progress and prognosis.

About Memorial Hizmet Hospital
Memorial Hizmet Hospital is under the management of the Memorial Health Group, one of the first JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals in Turkey. They are a leader in providing unique, state-of-the-art and quality treatment methods in their hospital, which offers breakthrough treatments and advanced technologies in not only orthopedics, but also obesity, organ transplantation, cardiology, and fertility fields.

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