Nigerian Man Seeks Care in India It s All About Accessibility

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Efe is a 64-year-old Nigerian man badgered by achy joints, stiffness in his back, and a weak right hip. While in the past, Efe was able to receive adequate medical care, a declining political and economic situation in his home country made it increasingly difficult to find a physician who could adequately diagnose and care for his worsening condition.

His doctor had told him that he was suffering from arthritis and that there was nothing he could do other than offer medications for pain relief, but Efe wanted a second opinion. He knew that several relatives and acquaintances had traveled abroad for medical care, but Efe didn't know where to start. 

Efe's local options for care were limited. Due to the changing economic landscape in Nigeria, fewer doctors remained there to practice. Men and women entering the medical field opted to study in international medical schools, and most remained there to start their practices.

Finding Solutions
Efe decided that he needed to consider traveling to a different country for his needs. He talked to friends and family, found some who had travelled to India for their care, for much the same reasons he was considering. Traveling to India sounded like the solution to his dilemma and he decided he would do it. After all, he certainly wasn't getting the care he needed in his hometown.

Efe chose India because India continues to be one of the most popular destinations for affordable medical care in a large number of fields, especially for native Nigerians. Affordability did not equate to substandard care in Efe's mind, but offered him the accessibility that he so desperately needed.?

Traveling to India
Efe traveled to India after reading about the visa requirements for Nigerians traveling to India. He made contact with an orthopedic specialist in Chennai and his questions regarding the travel process were answered in a timely manner through both e-mail and phone communication. He was happy to discover that he was able to transfer necessary personal medical information to his doctor of choice in India, as well as arrange a telemedicine conference between his primary doctor in Nigeria and the doctor in India.

Efe was extremely pleased with the services he received in India. It turned out that he did not have 'typical' arthritis, but osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease. He also showed severe osteoporosis in his hip. While in India, Efe underwent a total hip replacement and received orthotic treatments for his cervical spine.h

Three months after venturing to India for a combined vacation and medical care Efe returned to his home, happy and moving without pain.
Finding a Medical Provider
When it came time to find a medical provider, Efe found PlacidWay, pleased to find an easy way to facilitate contact with his doctor of choice. PlacidWay managed the entire process from start to finish, leaving Efe to focus on what was most important - his health and recovery.

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