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Best Liposuction Surgery in Quezon City Philippines

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Liposuction is the cosmetic procedure that will sculpt your body closer to perfection! 

Dr. Angeles will carefully remove the excess fat, and contour the abdomen and other body parts to your satisfaction. 

If you have localized body fat, you will be advised to choose liposuction, because liposuction can transform the entire body but it is not recommended as a weight loss solution.

Best Liposuction in Philippines

How is the surgery performed by Dr. Angeles Plastic Surgeon?

A professional plastic surgery examination will be given before the surgery to discuss all the details and your needs, medical history and plan the treatment that will be administered and then schedule surgery.

After the discharge, you will come to Dr. Angeles for a control visit, to confirm all is going well after the surgery and exchange all post-surgery information.

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Top Liposuction Surgeon in Quezon City Philippines

What will the liposuction treatment include?

  • Doctor and operatory room charges
  • Pharmacy
  • Materials
  • Pre-operative exams and investigations
  • General Anesthesia
  • Special materials (if used)
  • 2 nights at a standard room at the hospital
  • Accompanying person’s room charges for 2 nights (including meals)

Excluded from the Liposuction price:

  • Initial Plastic Surgery Examination
  • Additional charges due to possible complications
  • Additional lab tests or radiological investigations

Dr Arnold Angeles Liposuction Doctor in Philippines

We will require from the patient:

  • Medical History Questionnaire
  • Pictures

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Why Choose Dr. Angeles?

Plastic surgery is a mix between skills and knowledge of the art of body interpretation.  Dr. Arnold Angeles uses in his practice old and new methods, making sure the end result is always the patient's desire. The services are specially tailored to the individual, always providing the best and impressive results.

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