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Stem Cell Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis in Mumbai India

Package Price: $13700
Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis
Associated Center: Rejuvenesse
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Stem Cell Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis, Cell Therapy, Stem Cell Treatment, Mumbai, India

Stem Cell Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis in Mumbai, India

Stem Cell Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis in Mumbai, India

Liver cirrhosis is a medical condition in which the healthy tissue in the liver (which does the job of removing harmful toxins from imbibed food and drink) is replaced with scar tissue, due to continuous damage. The damage to the liver can come from multiple sources, such as:

  • Long-term heavy alcohol drinking
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Bile duct damage
  • Certain medications

The problem with liver cirrhosis starts when the symptoms appear. This means that the scar tissue has taken over and that the liver cannot do its job properly anymore.

Rejuvenesse offers a comprehensive treatment plan where the patient would undergo IV Ozone treatments, IV Laser treatments, and Stem cell therapy for Liver Cirrhosis. All treatments are given by IV drip/ IM injections and there is no surgery or anesthesia, making it completely safe. The stem cells replace the old and damaged cells.  Patient would take home several injections of RNA stem cells for continued treatment. The injections are produced in Germany. There are no side effects. The aim of program is to stop the progression of the disease and help the body to treat the damage that was already caused. 

Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis

  • A safe treatment
  • No side effects
  • Helps the body treat the liver damage on its own
  • Reduces the need for a liver transplant
  • Improvement seen within 2-4 months
  • Highly successful treatment

Price, inclusions and exclusions

At Rejuvenesse the price for the Stem Cell Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis package starts at $13,700, and it includes:

  • Personalized combination of intravenous infusions
  • Laser treatments
  • Stem cell therapy injections for 6 days (in the clinic)
  • 6-month’s reserves for treatment at home

It excludes

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Air-fare
  • Local transport while in Mumbai

Why choose us?

  • High success rates
  • Advanced technology and equipment
  • Individualized treatments
  • A medical team with extensive experience and training
  • No waiting lists
  • Affordable prices
  • Innovative procedures

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