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Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Medicine

Facility Overview
Croatia has become a new medical frontier for many central eastern and western Europeans. For state of the art, quality and world-class medical facilities and treatments and sports medicine, physical therapy, orthopedic procedures, drug rehabilitation and kinesiotherapy procedures, thousands of domestic and international travelers flock to facilities such as Terme Selce in Croatia for affordable medical care.

Terme Selce has provided sports medicine, sports medicine physical therapy, orthopedic services, rehabilitation and physical therapy services for the past two decades. Utilizing the benefits of a friendly atmosphere, educated and highly trained and gifted staff, and combining a holistic approach to client well-being that blends emotional, physical, and medical practices, Terme Selce has become one of the favorite rehabilitative resorts and facilities located on the Adriatic Sea.

Staff at Terme Selce offer a variety of sports programs that include:

  • Prevention of sports injuries
  • Sports medicine diagnostics and therapy
  • Testing, evaluation and individual conditioning programs
  • Physical kinesiotherapy of sports related conditions
  • Post surgical rehabilitation
  • Psychological sport counseling and support

Terme Selce also offers advanced professional sports programs that include maximizing performance and sports results, providing expert medical staff, sports psychologists and physiotherapists to sportsman during competitions, planning, monitoring, and supporting professional sporting careers.

In addition, Terme Selce offers the best a medical spa has to offer, including a physio-sauna, bio-bath and massage for hands and feet, aromatherapy treatments, and a variety of massage techniques to enhance rejuvenation, rehabilitation, and function to individuals experiencing sporting injuries.

Dr. Vlasta Brozicevic, M.D., a specialist in physical medicine and rheumatology, a sports physician, and official doctor of the Croatian National Ski Team says, "We provide the best in sports medicine physical therapy in Croatia as well as orthopedic and rehabilitative services in our facility in Terme Selce. We offer affordable services at our world class facility to individuals seeking health and rehabilitation, regardless of country of origin."

Physicians and staff at Terme Selce are qualified, accredited, and certified in a variety of fields, including specialists in physical medicine and rheumatology, sports physicians, specialists in internal medicine and cardiology, as well as clinical and sports psychologists and support staff as Physicians for the Croatian National Ski Team. Staff at Terme Selce have participated in providing medical support to a variety of sporting events, including the 2002 and 2006 Winter Olympic games, World Ski Championships, the European Athletic Games, the Summer Olympic Games in 1996, as well as to members of the Croatian, Italian, German and other country football, handball, basketball, martial arts, figure skating, alpine skiing and volleyball teams.

Miljenka Pavlakovi? of Terme Selce states, "We offer medical wellness, relaxation and revitalizing treatments, isokinetical testing and evaluation, and physical therapy services, taking take great pride in our professional sports programs and treatments for athletes at home and abroad."

Quality Of Service
Staff at Terme Selce are dedicated to providing local and international patients with the best in technology, rehabilitative and physical therapy techniques and protocols. Assessing each case on an individualized basis, the expertise of the doctors and support staff at Terme Selce offer quality and effective care for patients in all sporting fields.

Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado, states, "Athletes and sporting enthusiasm are fortunate to have facilities such as Terme Selce in Croatia for the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and physical therapy. We are pleased to extend our hand in friendship and partnership with Terme Selce, offering individuals around the globe with affordable, effective and quality healthcare."

Visiting Croatia
Croatia is a diverse location nestled against the eastern edge of the Alps on one side and the beautiful Danube on the other. The waters of the Adriatic Sea lap against its western border, offering natives and visitors access to thousands of tiny, picturesque islands that Croatia is famous for. Visitors to Croatia will understand the appeal of this relatively small nation that continues to offer the best in tradition, culture and heritage blended with some of the most high-tech and state of the art medical technology in Central Europe.

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