Age gracefully — Age Healthfully

Now that the conquest of most infectious diseases and common traumata has expanded our expectations concerning life itself, we face the inexorable fact of aging and, of equal or greater importance the many aging related diseases with their heavy baggage of metabolic dysfunctions and disabilities.

We have both the capability and the responsibility of aging productively because the tools to do so are at hand and a system now in place at International BioCare Hospital and Medical Center (IBC) can provide that comprehensive startup for a full, vigorous and healthy longevity the beginning of pleasant surprises as you face what so many call "the senior years."

We call our program the BioCare System. It is real, it is now, and it is effective By itself, aging is a genetically programmed event: we can in fact now predict an individual's lifespan. Our genetic DNA is already working like a pre-set clock for all stages of life: it puts in play all the physiological and biochemical mechanisms needed for growth, sexual maturity and the harmonic interactions of all parts of our body. The same is true, unhappily, for the flip side—a pattern of decay of biological processes characterized by the shutting down of certain hormones, diminished functions in many areas such as the gastrointestinal tract, muscle tone, tissue elasticity, etc., which in their totality are responsible for the stage called "senescence", which leads to death.

In humans there is the distinct possibility of a general lifespan reaching or exceeding 100 years. Statistical information indicates that individuals whose lives have gone on without significant interference can easily achieve that goal, and of course during the recently concluded century numerous cases of individuals living well beyond l20 years were reported.

Dramatic anti-aging effects, we know now so well, come from the unforeseeable occurrence of traumatic accidents and social distress as well as from pathogenic infectious exposures, toxic environmental factors, the general abuse of foods (through over consumption of the wrong kinds as well as the acute chemicalization of the food supply), alcohol, tobacco and other habits of social gratification including lack of physical exercise and altered sleep patterns all elements of the hurried "modern" lifestyle. With the above in mind we should direct our attention to the possible ways and means of delaying, arresting or even reversing the course of aging's deleterious effects. This usually means taking the necessary steps to live longer without undergoing the assault of age-related diseases and dysfunctions, particularly those which have their origin in the abnormal behavior of the immune system, genetic mutations, and the cancer, heart and vascular diseases which have sprung from them all.

We limit our scope here to the possible and practical ways that are even now within our reach to attain longer, more productive lives. These methods can in fact restore to optimal function those levels of performance that we thought we had to leave behind some time ago (rejuvenation) and delay or completely thwart the appearance of certain diseases and their often tragic consequences (anti-aging medicine.) A rational approach to rejuvenation and anti-aging includes a comprehensive program of detoxification, a survey and review of nutritional needs and their management (understanding of real food-related needs with more logical and complete dietary programs), avoidance of environmental and personal pollutants, careful screening and management of infectious and parasitical infestations —and, most importantly, a re-arrangement of our lifestyle priorities in order to create the wholesome internal and environmental milieu in which our living organism can successfully thrive. If we did for ourselves what we tend to do for our pets, our house plants and even our automobiles, we would begin to understand the logistics of the healthy body we all want at any age. This is the core of the BioCare System.

This means that, by learning the do's and don'ts of proper environment and proper nutrition, and by investing what amounts to a small amount of our time and our money, we can soon be on the trail of our most valuable possession: ever-lasting good health.

In our well-orchestrated 10-day in-house program, where all such needs and details are taken into consideration, there is a jump-start for a successful, long-term outcome. The BioCare System is just such a carefully managed jump-start.

The essence of the program is intensive and active detoxification, diagnosis and treatment (if necessary) of infectious elements, physical examination, a battery of state-of-the-art blood tests and dental examination to detect such internal pollutants as mercury, a key contributor to many of today's pathological disasters. We include a full review of lifestyles, rest and sleep patterns, and test for stress levels.

Research has made it clear that the restricted calorie diet (RCD) can be a major contributor to lifespan expansion in mammals (that’s us), which only underscores what we have long been doing at IBC—developing rational food intake programs. It is also exciting to know that limited periods of restricted dieting can balance hormonal functions whose effects can continue even after normal eating habits have resumed.

All of this strengthens the age-old observation that fasting is an excellent element in helping achieve the goal of healthful longevity. And with proper stress management organized fasting can actually be enjoyable, particularly as feelings of enhanced energy and well-being start being noticed.

The elimination of excess water and sodium from the body has immediate effects improved blood flow, oxygenation of blood, improved clearance of toxic substances by the kidneys, improved oxygenation of tissues for more efficient removal of wastes from distant parts of the body, a cascade which translates into better performance levels across the board.

We increasingly know how vital a healthy, well functioning hormonal or endocrine system is, since in essence it impacts on all other aspects of physiology. The core of the system is the HPA, or hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, with its constellation of growth, energy and sexual functions.

In recent times, growing emphasis has been placed on the earlier overlooked HGH, or human growth hormone, a substance released by the pituitary gland and once thought to be non-existent by adulthood. HGH administration is a powerful anti-aging technique carrying virtually no side effects.

Recent research has also focused on the importance of the functions of the thymus and pineal glands, once considered mysterious organs of unknown value. We now know that the harmonious regulation of the hormonal and immune systems depends to a great extent on thymus functions, and that the hormone melatonin plays a vital role in the aging process. The balancing, support and supplementation of these glands can provide spectacular results.

The century-old technique called live cell therapy (LCT) deserves a chapter by itself so that its amazing properties as rejuvenator and balancer of hormonal and immunological functions may be adequately understood. LCT can improve and reprogram such diverse organs and tissues as the heart, liver, muscle, brain and eyes. This long-misunderstood therapy is of vital importance in a sound program of rejuvenation and anti-aging and has lasting effects.

Nutritional and dietary supplement programs—where quality and source of product have been carefully monitored—are of considerable importance in an overall effort. They have the advantage of easy compliance and help us enjoy both food and life.

Vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants and other nutrients have often been removed from our "civilized" food chain by the effects of modern agricultural methods and food processing. Hence, their adequate supplementation in what often is a nutrient-depleted body will greatly enhance the chance for a successful, long life, lived to its maximum potential.

Even the most disastrous of the modern degenerative conditions, such as cancer and vascular/heart/circulatory diseases, in which our genetic backgrounds may be either a help or a hindrance, can be decisively overcome when personal determination drives the healing process.

We invite you to consider that time affects us all and that the difference between graceful and productive older years or a period of slow decay and deterioration is within our reach it is truly up to us. I have always thought that the axiom that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is a landmark concept in health management and is certainly wiser and more cost-effective than figuring out how to pay for treatment. Prevention is now both programmable and attainable. Please join with us and the BioCare System as you chart a new course for health, rejuvenation and effective antiaging.

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