Flawless Sinus Lift in San Jose Costa Rica


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Flawless Sinus Lift in San Jose, Costa Rica

Flawless Sinus Lift in San Jose, Costa Rica

Do you need to undergo a sinus lift procedure, but the dental care prices in your country are too expensive? Are you looking for a world-class, safe and affordable sinus lift surgery option? Read more about this possible solution available in Costa Rica.

Clinica Rivera (San Jose, Costa Rica) is a prestigious, world-class dental clinic that attracts local and international patients (from all over the world) thanks to its top notch and pocket-friendly medical services and care, latest technology equipment and supplies, and a highly trained and experienced team of dentists.

The sinus lift (lifting the sinus membrane through bone augmentation or sinus augmentation) is a surgical procedure that allows increasing the amount of bone in the jaw’s posterior area. This solution is used when sinuses’ position and size make it impossible to insert dental implants into the maxillary, within the molars area. It and involves adding a certain amount of bone in order to be able to effectively integrate a dental implant.

Sinus lift highly recommended for:

The procedure is recommended when the jaw bone is not sufficiently developed, or rather, when sinuses are too close to the jaw, which prevents inserting a dental implant. The reasons for this can be:

  • Because of the facial bones’ anatomy, the upper jaw is less than the lower jaw. Therefore, in most cases, the upper jaw bone structure is not strong enough for the insertion of dental implants
  • Upper jaw bone is affected by periodontitis
  • Losing a tooth resulted in decreased bone mass within that area
  • Maxillary sinuses are located too close to the jaw bone.

Price Package Sinus Lift in San Jose, Costa Rica

What is the cost of the sinus lift?

At Clinica Rivera (San Jose, Costa Rica) the price of the sinus lift package is $1,500.

Benefits of the sinus lift:

The sinus lift allows dentists to rebuild and repair bone defects of the oral cavity, so that the patient will be able to undergo several kinds of treatments, respecting the high aesthetically and functionally related requirements.

Do you need to undergo a sinus lift procedure? Find out all about the sinus lift package offered by Clinica Rivera! Contact us today!

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