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Best Dental Promotion in Bad Ragaz Switzerland

Best Dental Promotion in Bad Ragaz Switzerland

Wonderful and also healthful tooth reveal strength, health and wellbeing along with a pleasure for life. We at Perfect Smile Swiss Dental Care Bad Ragaz focus on your own personal requirements and also values of elegance. Your satisfaction is our objective. Employing preventative calculates to sustain and also improve the attractiveness of your own teeth is our goal.

We make sure the finest quality and also rely on modern, interdisciplinary treatment procedures and also methods. A pleasant ambiance at the dental exercise along with the substantial expertise of the whole team provides the schedule for a delicate and also successful treatment method, free of any worries.

Individual treatment at the highest level is now available to you in the following fields:

  • Alternative dental health and prophylaxis
  • Conservative dentistry, periodontal and restorative treatment
  • Interdisciplinary dental health
  • Allergological investigations, phytotherapy, nutrition advice, tooth abscess diagnosis and treatment, investigations of problem areas
  • Implantology
  • Ceramic and titanium implants, bone augmentation and bridges
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Correction of colour, shape and positioning of teeth (ceramic fillings and veneers, Lumineers and bleaching)
  • Snoring remedies
  • Investigation, analysis and treatment

Treatments Offered

  • Dental check-up
  • Complete clinical examination
  • Assessment of condition of teeth
  • Three-dimensional radiography
  • Discussion of therapeutic approaches

Price per person excluding accomodation from CHF 960 ($969)


  • Implantology check-up
  • Complete clinical examination
  • Three-dimensional radiography for
  • assessment of bone structure
  • Discussion of various treatment options
  • (e.g. metal-free implants)

Price per person excluding accomodation from CHF 1'290 ($1,303)


Implantology check-up

  • Aesthetic check-up
  • Analysis of current medical condition
  • Discussion of all options geared towards
  • Minimally invasive aesthetic corrections, (e.g. malpositions, diastemas)

Price per person excluding accomodation from CHF 480 ($485)

Holistic check-up of oral health


  • Dental prophylaxis
  • Professional dental cleaning
  • Instruction in how to clean teeth correctly
  • Nutritional and oral hygiene advice

Price per Person excluding accomodation from CHF 240 ($242)

Why Choose Us?

  • Dr. Michael Meier, Graduate Doctor and Dentist, holder of the Swiss Federal Diploma in Dentistry
  • Dr. Michael Meier is Member of the Swiss Dental Association (SSO)
  • We are The Leading Medical Health, Spa and Golf Resort in Europe
  • At Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Our treatments and therapies are based on the latest scientific findings

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