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SCT Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes Type 2 in Vienna Austria

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Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

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Location : Graz, Austria

Focus Area: Orthopaedics | vascular disease | neurological problems adults and children

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Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy Center in Vienna

Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes Type 2
in Vienna, Austria

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With Diabetes type 2 Treatment at Stem Cell Therapy Center in Vienna, there is new hope for you to have a healthier life!

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Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the body’s inability to produce any or enough insulin causes elevated levels of glucose in the blood.
Diabetes Treatment Stem Clinic Vienna, Austria
Diabetes Type 2 consists of an array of dysfunctions characterized by hyperglycemia.

The condition is characterized as a combination of resistance to insulin action, inadequate insulin secretion, and excessive or inappropriate glucagon secretion.


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Stem Cell Therapy Vienna Method
for Treating Diabetes Type 2


Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes Type 2 AustriaAt Stem Cell Therapy Center in Vienna, Dr. Kobinia offers you the latest methods for Diabetes Mellitius Type 2 therapy using the bone marrow derived stem cells (BMDSC).

The used method of processing is not only designed to obtain the highest number of viable stem cells, but also enables Stem Cell Clinic from Vienna to use a revolutionary Point of Care Technique.

Stem cells are normally processed in a specialized laboratory and this takes several days, which are not needed in case of our point of care principle. With this State of the Art technique Stem Cell Therapy is not only able to minimize the time between collection of bone marrow and the moment of administering the cells for treatment to a few hours, but also fulfills all the regulatory requirements for safe and transparent stem cell processing under the principles of Point of Care.

The advantages of Dr. Kobinia's Stem Cell technique.

  • No risk to exchange the samples from patients because everything happens in one room
  • Validated and tested processing of stem cells to guarantee a high concentration of vital mononuclear cells solution (this method of processing is cited in literature)

    Diabetes Type 2 Treatment with Regenerative Cells in Austria

  • No need for dedicated transportation and overnight storage of the samples
  • Sample volume reduction by a factor of 10 and making the sample suitable for small volume administration
  • Highest standard of sterility because of the closed system
  • Protocols available to isolate individual fractions of bone marrow to permit different stem cell strategies. Direct access to buffy coat.

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The Costs for Diabetes Type 2 Stem Cell Therapy
at SCT in Austria

Diabetes Type 2 Stem Cell Treatment Cost Austria


  • Medical evaluation of the reports
  • First consultation
  • Additional examinations if required
  • Pre-operation examinations at the internal specialist if necessary
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Medical assistance and nurse
  • Check-up after the operation
  • Lab analysis
  • Evaluation of the lab analysis
  • Transfer to and from the clinic on the operation day (incl. special transfer for patients in a wheelchair)
  • Medication and pain reliever after the operation if required
  • Follow-up documentation
  • Administrative effort: hotel reservation, visa application procedure and mailing, organization of the transfers, coordination of the treatment dates, clinic: booking and coordination
  • Visa invitation letter and mail-order
  • Children: consultation at the paediatrist
  • Adults: Neupogen, a medicine which is given prior the operation to all adult patients to enrich the natural amount of stem cells and which activates the peripheral blood cells and increases the bone marrow activity.

Stem Cell Treatment Cost for Diabetes Type 2 in Austria

Including: All the above mentioned points and in addition

  • Accomodation for 3 nights for 2 persons in one of our hotels we cooperate with
  • Airport transfers
  • If medically indicated: stay overnight at the clinic with medical assistance of a nurse
  • Translator who will assist in communication at each medical appointment
  • Phyto medication/Supplementary therapy (capsules, infusion therapy)

Prices can vary in rare cases due to required consultations of another medical specialist or operation method which is not mentioned here and provided by the SCT.

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Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes Type 2 in Wien Austria


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