Clinic EGV

Clinic EGV

Riga, Latvia

Latvia, Riga, Lacplesa street 38 Riga

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Fertility Treatment in Riga, Latvia

Clinic EGV- Best Care for Reproductive Health and Childbirth in Riga, Latvia

Clinic EGV is a dedicated center in Riga, Latvia, providing reproductive healthcare for both men and women. They are offering outstanding solutions including the most complex cases since 1998. The outstanding professionals of EGV make sure that men, women, already pregnant lady and couples who want a baby can find their doctor at the clinic.
The specialists of EGV were the first in Latvia to learn the technologies of assisted reproduction. It gave hope for the baby birth in cases that were considered impossible previously. They are also the first to create sperm bank that opened huge opportunities for medical insemination. At present, they are the leading name of fertility service in Latvia using the world-class and latest technologies and methodologies. 
Confidence and confidentiality of the patients is strictly followed at Clinic EGV. They testify the country's trust by carrying out state-funded procedures of infertility treatment. The treatment and diagnostic standards maintain high standards, which is evident from the fact that the clinic qualifies for the international ISO 9001 quality certificate. 
Staffed by the country's leading fertility specialists, it offers a full range of modern fertility treatments and techniques, including IUI, IVF, ICSI, PICSI, blastocyst cultivation, assisted hatching, embryo and egg freezing, and surgical sperm retrieval. Clinic EGV has its own sperm bank, the first to be established in Latvia, and runs its own egg donor program. It also provides a full range of fertility diagnostic investigations for both men and women, as well as psychological support services. The clinic is experienced in treating complex cases of infertility and offers treatment for older women, most recently performing an IVF procedure for a 55-year-old woman.
Prices at Clinic EGV are low compared to Western European countries and its success rates in certain age groups reach 73%. The clinic is used by the Latvian government to provide state-funded fertility treatment for Latvian citizens and is part of the Baltic Care alliance of Latvian private clinics, a private-state partnership developed to provide high-quality medical tourism services.


Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Donor sperm
  • Medical Insemination Procedures
  • The egg donor program
  • Diagnosis of female infertility
  • The sperm bank
  • Genetic 
  • Diagnosis of male infertility
  • Operative treatment of male infertility

Female Reproductive Health

  • Gynecologist consultations and examinations
  • Gynecological
  • Breast 

Male Reproductive Health

  • Tests
  • Urologist consultations and examinations
  • Dopplerography examinations
  • Ultrasonography of the male genitalia (including the prostate, testis and penis) and urinary tract
  • TESA - testicular biopsy
  • Micro TESE

Preparing for Baby

  • Gynecologist reproductive consultation
  • Gynecological 
  • Lecture cycle for prospective parents

Expecting a Baby

  • 3D / 4D 
  • Dopplerographic examination of the fetus
  • Cardiotocography of fetal heart
  • Pregnant women supervision and counseling
  • Multiple Pregnancy
  • Pregnant women

Other Services

  • Kidney / Kidney and bladder 
  • Thyroid 
  • Belly 

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