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943 Phaholyothin Road, Samsennai, Phyathai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Focus Area: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery ? Heart Care ?Orthopedics ? Dentistry ? Executive Health check ? Eye/Lasik Care ? Fertility Treatment ? Cancer Treatment ? Obesity & Weight Loss ? Radiology & CT Scans ?

Phyathai Hospital Profile Overview

Phyathai Hospital Overview
‘Phyathai Hospital is building a world in which people have the power to control their own well-being’.

With the dominant working philosophy to provide excellent service under ISO 9001,14001,18001 and HACCP standards, Phyathai Hospitals have also been joining Hospital Accreditation (HA) Projects accredited by the Ministry of Public Health since 1997. In addition, this also extends our medical service to both inside and outside a country. It is not to mentioned that Phyathai Group of Hospitals are completely equipped with modern medical technology, equipment and professional specialists and  provides full medical field services.

International Relations Center (IRC)
Phyathai Hospital is established to provide all types of hospital services to foreigners.  Our team is equipped with bilingual and bicultural translators and interpreters who can help our customers to overcome the cross- cultural barrier during your visit.

We have a team of Interpreters that covers a large number of languages; if you want them to they will accompany you throughout your stay at the hospital.  From Arabic, Bengali, French to Italian, Japanese, Urdu, and of course English.

Our newly established international ward will make you feel comfortable with all the modern facilities including free Wi-Fi and international TV channels. You will have your own nurse, dedicated to your room and also there is a pharmacist in the ward at your service.

We provide you with complimentary pick-up service from the airport, and bring you to your hotel or directly to the hospital.

Special Center & Clinics

•         Heart Center

•        Neurological Center

•         Oncology Center

•         Musculo-Skeletal Center

•        Gastro Intestinal & Endoscopy Center

•         Woman Center

•         Child Center

•         Check-up Center

•         Cosmetic Center

•         Lasik Center

•         Dental Center

•         Eye Center

•        Ear Nose Throat Clinic

•        Allergy Clinic

•        Dermatology Clinic

•        Internal Medicine Department

We are glad to assist you with the following:

  • Our care for foreign patient starts right from the aircraft door, where our contacts would be waiting for the client and pass them through the immigration in a fast track service.
  • Free consultation and medical advice over the Internet
  • Timely appointment scheduling with a Phyathai specialist.
  • Pre-registration and coordination of admission.
  • Personal escort to appointments and specialized procedures.
  • Advance financial and billing arrangements, including detailed estimates.
  • Assistance with your insurance.
  • Liaison service for embassies, international institutions and organizations.
  • Business center providing access to overseas calls, fax and Internet.
  • Transportation arrangements including airport pick-up and ground or air ambulance services.
  • Hotel or long-term lodging arrangements for patients and their families.
  • Appointments for family members requesting routine or preventive medical care.
  • Catering to special diets, including Western, Japanese and Muslim food.

We guide each of our customer to reach satisfaction.

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Phyathai Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand Profile Details

Phyathai 1 Hospital
Was established on 30 July, 1976 and it is located at 364/1 Sri-Ayudhaya Road, Phyathai, Ratchatevee, Bangkok, 10400 on the area of 6,868 square meters. The hospital is composed of 2 buildings that can accommodate 220 beds of in-patient cases and 58 diagnostic rooms, completely equipped with modern day medical technology and equipment. It can serve 2,000 out-patient cases daily with a daily average of 1,194 patients. This makes it a professional success with an enviable reputation. Thanks to the efforts of the managing board of medical specialists and service-minded employees under the philosophy of developing a better and more efficient medical care system. Phyathai 2 Hospital was then established later on due to the large demand for centers of excellent treatment.

Phyathai 2 Hospital
was established on 22 July 1987. It is located at 943 Phaholyothin Road, Samsennai, Phyathai, Bangkok, 10400 on the area of 11,204 square meters. The hospital is composed of 2 buildings and was established with the premise of promoting health care under the philosophy of “public health care, concern for human values taking care of those who suffer from sickness with honor and dedication”. It can accommodate 550 beds of in-patient cases and 76 diagnostic rooms completely equipped with modern day medical technology and equipment. It can serve 2,000 out-patient cases daily. The hospital has been certified with the Hospital Accreditation to guarantee its quality procedures and customer satisfaction.

Phyathai 3 Hospital
was established on 4 October 1996 to extend medical service to customers at Thonburi area. It is located at 207/26 Phetkasem Road, Phark Klong, Phasricharoen, Bangkok, 10160 on an area of 10,228 square meters. The hospital is composed of 1 building that can accommodate 500 beds of in-patient cases and 54 diagnostic rooms completely equipped with modern day medical technology and equipment. It can service 2,000 out-patient cases daily. The hospital provides complete health services and facilities at the Phetkasem area.

International Ward
Our new International Ward was established on 12th October,2006 with a vision to help our foreign patients with the best care by our highly qualified and experienced English speaking nurses. International Ward is located on the 21st and 22nd floor of building 2 in Phyathai 2 Hospital with the maximum modern facilities. Quality services from our dedicated nurses will assure your comfortable stay at Phyathai Hospital.

International Ward offer you various services:
• Discharge plan everyday.
• Free Internet services and notebook at patient’s room
• Launder services
• Food ready to serve 24 hours a day
• Free snacks and drinks at room
• Tour services (if the doctor allows the patient to go)
• Continuous ROUND at the patient’s room in a short time interval by the doctors and nurses.

Other necessary things like : microwave, safety locker, cable TV with international channels, DVD player, newspaper etc. are available in the room to make you feel same as you stay at home.

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Phyathai Hospital Treatments Offered


Heart Center
Phyathai’s Heart Center offers 24-hour surgical and non-surgical treatment and medical care for patients with heart diseases, young and adult patients alike. The center is staffed with a team of nurses with experience in caring for heart-disease patients and well equipped with advanced medical devices and equipment. Also available are the innovations of minimally invasive heart surgery, off-pump surgery and non-surgical procedure of sealing a hole in the heart with umbrella-like discs. All these contribute to a better treatment and our patients’ quicker recovery.

Outpatient Unit ? Cardiac Catheterization Lab ? Coronary Care Unit ? Cardiosurgical Unit ? Inpatient Unit ? Heart Rehabilitation and Risk Factor Restriction Unit

Neurological Center
Phyathai Hospital’s Neurology Center is one of Thailand’s brain surgery centers of highest standard, equipped with experienced doctors and nurses, as well as modern surgical instruments that allows us to provide our patient with a brain surgery with utmost safety.

In addition, the Neurology Center at Phyathai 1 Hospital realizes the benefits of the “Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery”, which is popular worldwide. In this connection, the center started offering this type of brain surgery in January 2003, complemented with all equipment needed such as neuro-navigator, microscope and endoscope.

Oncology Center
The Oncology and Hematology Center offers our patients comprehensive treatment starting from diagnosis to efficient health care by renowned doctors and trained specialized medical staff, not to mention our modern equipments. All these result in medical care with high efficacy and our customers’ quality of life.

Surgical operation ? Chemotherapy ? Private doctor room for physical examination ? Blood room and blood pressure room ? Medical Lab and x-ray room ? Operation room ? Private room equipped with facilities for a patient undergoing chemotherapy

Musculo-Skeletal Center
This clinic provides medical care and treatment for bone, muscle, tendon, nerve vessels, and joints under strict specialist supervision. Our orthopedists and anesthesiologists help to relieve your suffering during and after the operation. Our nurses are always on hand to give you the warmest care possible. Our rehabilitation doctors and physical therapists provide for your successful recovery, and help you to return to living your daily life efficiently.

Trauma ? Arthroplasty ? Arthroscopic ? Hand and Microsurgery ? Spine Surgery ? Pediatric ? Tumor

Gastro Intestinal & Endoscopy Center
This center provides diagnosis and treatment of digestive and gastrointestinal diseases. The center’s experienced GI specialist doctors utilize the most modern up-to-date medical equipment to precisely diagnosis and treat these types of diseases.

This center observes a strong desire to provide immediate treatment for its patients; therefore, the specialized doctors and professional staff inform patients of the requirements to be followed before having any diagnosis and treatment, as well as to instruct patients on the follow-up program to prevent the reappearance of disease due to the improper self-care.

Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Gastoscopy, and Colonoscopy ? GI Capsule ? CT Colonography ? Screening for pathology

Woman Center
This center offers full services for woman including screening tests and treatment with surgery by well-trained Gynecologists. The center includes ten examination rooms with modern up-to-date medical equipment, such as Ultrasound 4D, Digital Mammogram, Bone Densitometry, Thin-Pep Prep Test, Colposcope, and Biopsy.

Maternal Clinic services of this center provide for both normal pregnancies and high risk pregnancies.  Information services and pre-labour classes for couples are also available in this clinic. The center has ten delivery rooms with modern up-to-date medical equipment and a warm caring atmosphere for our patients. 

Infertility Clinic services are also available in this center. Our specialists can assist couples to conceive naturally and/or by special techniques such as IVF, ICSI and Blastocyst.

Gynecology and Obstetric Service ? Pregnancy Care ? Gynecology Oncology Detection ? Birth Control Services ? Infertility Clinic ? Infertility technology ? Golden Age

Child Center
Phyathai hospital’s Paediatric Clinic provides 24-hour comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for our young patients, with a loving care as our family member, by experienced paediatricians competent in all areas of paediatric practice.

Our clinic caters to young patients of all ages from infants up to adolescents and treats both common illnesses and serious ones that need an intensive care. And to relieve parents of worry over their beloved children’s symptoms and to ensure our valued customers’ optimum satisfaction, our medical staff is well-trained and experienced in caring for young patients as well as well-prepared to provide initial treatment and care.

Apart from our team of paediatricians skillful in all areas and experienced nurses, our paediatric center at Phyathai 3 Hospital places as much importance on the selection of modern equipments and high-efficiency medication and vaccines to allow our young patients and their parents enjoy maximum satisfaction in our medical services.

Early childhood development and enhancement of learning potential ? Capacity enhancement for children with special needs ? Child development ? Treatment

Check-Up Center
Phyathai Hospital’s Check-up Center provides exceptional medical services to our valued customers. This center offers various types of unique check-up packages to suit a wide range of patient needs. Some examples of these specific check-up packages include: medical check-up for a specific life span, medical check up for pre-employment, medical check-up before going aboard, annual medical check up for executives and their employees, as well as our special onsite check-up for an all-in-one point service which is maintained by the measurement of ministerial regulations.

Therefore, with Phyathai Hospital’s extensive list of check-up choices, patients can select the health programs that best benefit them with the help of our experienced team of doctors and our modern medical technologies. Patients will indeed have accurate and expeditious service with our Check-Up Center.

Healthy employees are the necessary composition of any organization; therefore, annual check-ups will provide the guideline for employees to perpetually reduce the risk to health. Check-ups can detect and avoid subsequent illness and be able to facilitate the immediate treatment of serious disease to prevent the any loss to the organization.
Phyathai’s Check-Up Center is established to search for risks associated with any other unusual primary factors that can cause illness. This thoroughness is conducted so that any detected illness can be reduced and treated immediately. This is done to increase the health and standard of living of our patients. This is also to help patients pay attention and take care of themselves, so they can take appropriate medical action immediately in time of sickness as well.

Annual check-up service ? Medical check-up for insurance ? Onsite medical check-up service ? Pre-employment check-up and/or check-up for going aboard ? Medical check-up for Medical Certificate

Cosmetic Center
The One-Stop Cosmetic Center at Phyathai Hospital has a strong desire to provide expert care in the fields of cosmetic surgery and integrated beauty care, including the use of lasers. Patient safety is always the first and most important consideration at the Phyathai Cosmetic Center, and standards of safety are equivalent to that of International Standards. Attention to detail is also extremely important at this center, especially in selecting the team of highly qualified and professional cosmetic doctors and surgeons. As well closes attention is paid in the selection of high quality surgical equipments, and the various kinds of innovative laser machines which produce new and safe energy for your entire face and body care.

Some examples of the center’s advanced equipment are:
Face-lift without operation by Polaris Machine
• Photo rejuvenation IPL
• Face-lift without operation by Polaris Machine
• Wrinkles Reduced with Botox / Collagan / Filler
• Hair Removal by Gentle YAG machine, a new modern technolog
Not only does this center provide integrated beauty care, cosmetic surgery, and laser treatments; it is also an elegant and luxuriously furnished private and discreetly located center of the hospital. This is to ensure that patient privacy and secrecy is observed at all times. This is also why the center offers one-stop service from start to finish so that patients are treated like VIPs and do not need to move around the entire hospital to receive different treatments.

The center has a excellent team of specialized doctors and experienced personnel from various fields, for example, dermatologists who are specialized in skin laser treatments, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons, face cosmetic surgeon specialists, eye cosmetic surgeon specialists, maxillofacial surgeons, and voice and larynx surgeons.

At the Phyathai Cosmetic Center patients and their accompanying companions will be taken excellent care of as they are waiting for operations or treatment consultations. Easy listening music, good television programs, and various magazines are provided, as well, spa and massage services with a peaceful and quiet atmosphere are available for the patient’s important companion in the Phyathai Cosmetic Area.

The center also provides advice and alternatives that meet the content needs of the patient and is based on their own satisfaction and safety, for example, integrated cosmetic consultations between specialized doctors in specific fields. The patients’ desire to select or change the specialized consultant or cosmetic surgeon is also an essential consideration in observing valuable patient satisfaction.

Phyathai Skin Cosmetic and Laser Clinic ? Phyathai Plastic Surgery Clinic

LASIK Center
Lasik is the evolution of the vision treatment in. It is easy, safe, fast (10-15 minutes), and accurate. The result of this treatment makes contact lens become no longer necessary.

Lasik Process ( Lasik in-Situ Keratomileusis )
The combination of the two major equipments in the process, which are:
- (Microkeratome)
- (Excimer Laser)
After dividing the cornea, Excimer will be used to adjust and make a suitable curve to match the length of the eyeball. It makes the integrated light fall correctly on to the retina and creates perfect vision.

Normal vision ( proper vision ) ? Nearsightedness or Myopia ? Farsightedness or Hyperopia ? Astigmatism ? Presbyopia

Dental Center
Our team of dentists with experience and competency in all areas of dentistry and advanced dental instruments enable our dental center to provide customers, regardless of age and sex, with comprehensive dental services in dental prevention, treatment as well as restoration. That is to ensure satisfactory treatment results, with little or no post-treatment pain, and to ensure our valued customers’ maximum satisfaction.

Our instruments
The Waterlase MD at our laser dentistry center can replace the conventional way of tooth sharpening, reduce the symptoms of sensitive teeth during tooth filling, yield a better result in tooth and gum surgery, reduce the chances of post-surgery infection and pain, improve the appearance of gum, treat opthus, and relieve pain and boost wound recovery.

For those who need tooth whitening, our Smile laser device at our clinic produces fast, safe and effective results.  Our microscope contributes to efficient root canal treatment in extreme cases.

Cold-light Tooth Whitening Treatment ? Dental Implants ? Oral examination, consultation and x-ray ? Pediatric dentistry ? Filling ? Treatment of gum diseases ? Oral surgery ? Root canal treatment ? Orthodontics ? Dental implant ? Dentures ? Home bleaching tooth whitening ? Waterlase MD ? SMILE tooth whitening (bleaching in office

Eye Center
Realizing your quality of life that comes with good eyesight and good health, our Ophthalmology Clinic at Phyathai 2 Hospital are staffed with experienced and skilled ophthalmologists for complete medical care, disease prevention and diagnosis, pharmacotherapy, laser treatment and surgery, all with advanced instruments.

Myopia or Nearsightedness ? Hyperopia or Farsightedness ? Astigmatism ? Presbyopia ? Cataract ? Glaucoma ? Macular degeneration ? Diabetic Retinopathy ? Dry Eye Syndrome ? Flashes & Floater ? What are flashes? ? What are floaters?

Diagnosis and treatment of all eye diseases ? Comprehensive vision testing ? Pediatric ophthalmology ? Retinal Surgery ? Major and minor eye surgery ? Cataract Surgery with an ultrasound device (without any need of suture or hospital stay) ? Glaucoma surgery ? Eye muscle surgery for adult and child patients ? Cosmetic eye surgery ? Tear duct surgery for adult and child patients ? Eyewear shop

Ear Nose Throat Center
The E.N.T. Center at Phyathai 2 Hospital is a highly specialized center which uses the most modern equipment to provide diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, throat, and hearing problems. Our ENT Specialists have been trained and acquired experience and expertise in both Thailand and aboard.
The E.N.T. Center consists of these Clinics :
1. Sinus & Allergy Clinic
2. Vertigo clinic
3. Pediatric ENT Clinic
4. Snoring Clinic
5. Head & Neck Cancer Clinic
6. Ear disease & Hearing loss Clinic

Skin test (hypo-sensitization) ? Audiogram ? Middle ear test ? Inner ear and nervous system test ? Body balance test ? Middle ear examination ? Hearing Aids ? Snoring treatment

Allergy Clinic
Almost every patient can recover themselves from allergy; however, allergic reactions prevail and constantly occur in most cases. The consumption of drugs often leads to drowsiness, and can only prevent or relieve the symptoms, without curing the illness. As a result, allergy sometimes develops after discontinuing the medication.

The key and most significant method of allergy treatment is to avoid a particular allergen, so that the allergic reaction will cease and the patient can lead as normal a life as possible. One frequent cause of allergy is the allergen around the patient, such as dust mites, dust, pet fur, or they may be sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity. Dust mites are miniscule insects, invisible to naked eyes, and are often found in bed, pillow, mosquito net, carpet or chair. Although these insects die when exposed to sunlight, their remains are still an allergen. Consequently, it is critical to control the environment by reducing the number of dust mites.

Dermatology Clinic
Our Dermatology Clinic at Phyathai 2 Hospital provides diagnosis and treatment for skin problems and also caters to aesthetic-conscious customers.

Hives ? Psoriasis ? Skin or nail fungal infection ? herpes simplex or herpes zoster ? Hair loss ? Acne, blemish, or freckles ? Laser removal of mole, warts, and skin outgrowth ? Botox treatment for wrinkles ? Skin biopsy

Internal Medicine Department
The Internal Medicine Department provides services and treatments by our experienced general family practitioners. Here patients can receive efficient and effective preliminary examinations and diagnosis. Patients can feel comfortable using the trusted and respected services of this department to help them plan ahead, and to choose the correct treatment for their particular case.  This department also provides healthcare consulting and precautionary medicine such as vaccinations.

Phyathai Hospital Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

  • Hospital Accreditation by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand
  • Phyathai Hospital received Prime Minister Export Award 2006, 2007 on Most Recognized Service category.
  • Phyathai achieves Trusted Brand Gold Award 2007 by Reader’s Digest.

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Phyathai Hospital Testimonials

Salim Sultan Alakrobi, United Arab Emirates, The Emirate of Sharjah

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Phyathai Hospital, especially Dr. Thirasak Puenngarm (Neurosurgeon), who operated a successful surgery and helped me to recover from the disease which I have been suffering for last 3 years and went to different doctors, but their treatment could not benefit me.

Dr. Thirasak’s professional attitude and his psychological support towards me encouraged me a lot and helped me to relax.  This is my extend sincere thanks to the medical team and all the interpreters who had a close attention on me and supported me.  Wishing the best for the prosperity of the hospital.

Mr. Mohammed Al Noobi Al Teneiji,  United Arab Emirates 7/1/2008
We extend our sincere thanks to your hospital administration including their good reception and intensive care by Doctors who conducted the operation of our son, Ibrahim Al-Teneiji. We wish you continuing success .We found that this hospital is one of the most advanced hospital and the treatment services are excellent.   We are thankful to all of you.

Beverli Rhodes and Dr. Tina Beckham  - Founders London Bombings Foundation
May we congratulate the staff, administration and medical professionals for their excellent care and attention to detail when we chose Phyathai 2 Hospital to undertake our procedures in December, 2006 and February, 2007. All aspects of our trip, medical procedures, advice, even our meals, tours, were dealt with professionally and to the highest standards. We can recommend Phyathai 2 Hospital, we will return again and again as we trust our new medical team entirely.

Dr. (Mrs.) Sun Moon Lay, HN: 01831/50 January 18-19, 2007
I write to extend my thanks for the great care I received from Phyathai 2 Hospital. I personally wish to thanks Dr.Nathanan P. (Chief of Phyathai2 Heart Center), plus all nurse at ward 8 and all coordinator that gave me excellent care, friendly and kindness. The management for appointment is so good as well. Again, everyone was both personal and professional that helped since I do get anxiety. Thank you for your patience and helpful, I’m very satisfied.

Mrs. Pheng Kuntheaborey, Chief of Protocol to President of the Senate & International Relations, Kingdom of Cambodia HN: 18570/50 April 22nd, 2007
It is my first visit but I highly appreciated the warm welcoming people and doctors of the hospital. The service is very warm and very confident to be treated. I will recommend Phyathai Hospital to cousin and friends because the price is reasonable and the service is satisfied.

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Phyathai Hospital Awards & Recognitions

International News on December, 2007
Dr. Surapong Ambhanwong, Chief Medical and International Business Officer together with International Marketing Team as the representative of Phyathai Group of Hospitals were invited to the occasion of the Anniversary of the National Day for The Accession of Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed bin Thani, the founder of the State of Qatar, to the rule of the country, Mr. Khalifa Saad Al-Saad as charge d’ Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of the State of Qatar at JW Marriott Bangkok on December 18th, 2007.

Khun Sitaporn Vanichseni, Senior Regional Manager-Asia/Oceania, was invited to the occasion of 100th Anniversary the National Day of the Kingdom of Bhutan, by Ambassador Singye Dorjee, Ambassador of Bhutan at J.W.Marriott Hotel on December 17th, 2007 Bangkok.

Dr. Surapong Ambhanwong, Chief Medical and International Business Officer together with specialists team had participated the 1st Cambodian Medical Congress as the Guest Speakers at International University, Phnom Penh, Cambodia on December 3rd - 4th,2007.In this precious opportunity, we had MOU signing ceremony with Sen Sok International University Hospital for medical collaboration and mutual benefit.

International News on November, 2007
Dr. Surapong Ambhanwong ,Chief Medical and International Business officer, and Khun Sitaporn Vanichseni, Senior Regional Manager-Asia/Oceania, were invited to the occasion of the National Day of Romania ,The Grand National Union (1 December 1918 ) by Ambassador Radu-Gabriel Mateescu, Ambassador of Romania at the Siam City Hotel on November 28th , 2007 ,Bangkok.

International News on October, 2007
Khun Sitaporn Vanichseni, Senior Regional Manager-Asia/Oceania, together with International Marketing team warmly welcomed “Charm Tour” delegates from Seoul, South Korea who visited Phyathai 2 Hospital on October 10, 2007.

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Bangkok, Thailand Destination Overview

Health Tips for Traveler

Thailand is the land of smile. Thai people always welcome all tourists from all over the world to travel in Thailand with courtesy and friendliness.

To ensure our tourists the most safety and healthy, we recommend you to buy the travel insurance before traveling. Unforeseen accidents and sickness can happen at all the time.

For those who have underlying disease, we recommend you to take necessary medicine with you or have the name of medication written in your personal pocket (please take generic rather than brand name).

Thailand’s hospitals are some of the best in Asia and all cities have readily available care and facilities. Moreover, visiting hospital does not mean that you are sick, you can visit a hospital in Thailand to have the medical check up or health preparation before traveling to male sure that you are in the stable condition and ready to fly.

Every time you undergo the treatment in Thai hospital, please do not forget to ask for the medical report and receipt in English, at least for the insurance and medical follow up purpose.

If you have the illness during the hotel stay, you can have the hotel‘s staff called the hospital that have the hotel call service to undergo the treatment for you . If it is the minor illness, the doctor and nurse can provide the treatment at the hotel. If it is serious and need more medical supply , the hospital can arrange ambulance to pick you up from hotel to the hospital .

Phyathai Hospital also have the ambulance service and hotel call so, whenever, you need our service, please just dial 0-2617-2444 around the clock .

Please use the below tag to show taxi driver, it consists of each hospital’s address and telephone number.

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