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Bariatric-Surgery, Obesity medical centers in Cancun, Mexico


Dr. Fernando Ceron Bariatric Surgeon

Cancun, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico

Dr. Fernando Ceron, located in Cancun, Mexico, is one of the top obesity surgeons in the area, offering affordable procedures performed with extra care, experience and high quality materials and equipment.


PlacidWay Latin America Medical Tourism

Cancun, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico

Latin America Medical Care is an all-inclusive Medical Tourism Facilitator, with the main goal of offering its clients complete medical solutions, advice, information and guidance throughout the entire medical journey in Latin America.

Antiobesity Center

Cancun, Mexico
Our goal is to offer patients with obesity and overweight problems a warmth, honorable, secure and effective service… changing their quality of life through advanced techniques in the management of the obesity weight loss surgery in Cancun.

Dr. Hector Perez Corzo Bariatric Surgery Mexico

Cancun, Mexico
Dr. Hector Perez Corzo is one of the best bariatric surgeons in Cancun, Mexico. Your experience with weight-loss surgery in Mexico will never be better, safer or more tailored to your needs than with Dr. Hector Perez Corzo.

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Victoria Medical Center

Cancun, Mexico
We are a team of professionals caring for your health and family. Our mission is your health, this is why we look forward to provide the best service to you and your family.. Our vision is to provide appropriate medical service through Doctors highly trained and committed to serve our community. Our aim is to endeavor to give our patients the best medical attention so they can achieve a better quality of life.

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