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Halcyon Medical Centre brings the best skin care, cosmetic and reconstructive procedures at affordable price in Lahore, Pakistan. Their surgical and non-surgical solutions include neck lift, botox, PRP, skin care, hair transplant, breast lift, liposuction and more.
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PROCEDURES Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Botulinum Toxin Brow Lift Lip Augmentation / Enhancement Ear Surgery/Protuberant Ears Nose Surgery Facelift Tummy Tuck Arm Lift Liposuction Thigh Lift Breast Augmentation Male Breast Reduction Breast Lift Body Contouring after Major Weight Loss Body Lift Reconstructive General Reconstruction Post Burn Reconstruction Cleft-Lip and Palate Repair Skull/Facial Bone R

Babar Plastic Surgery

Lahore, Pakistan
Dr. Babar is a pioneer in the field of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Pakistan. At his clinic, you can get excellent procedures such as facial cosmetic procedures, body contouring, breast enhancement, facial laser surgery, cosmetic skin care, reconstructive procedures and more.
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