Next Great Health Care Frontier

Have you ever gone to another country on vacation? Have you ever marveled at their culture and their way of life? There are many countries such as Thailand, India, and even Costa Rica that have hidden treasures you may not be aware of. Treasures that once discovered can change your life and your health forever.

There have been medical treatments that have been practiced for centuries in Asia and other parts of the world. The use of these techniques has been proven to work and are continued to be practiced today. The great thing about these ancient remedies is that they usually do not have all of the health side effects that some more modern techniques and medications have today. Just turn on the television. It is full of commercials promising that the new pill that just hit the market is a miracle drug.  While you see images of healthy happy people, the announcer tells you how people?s lives have been changed by this new life saving drug.  Then toward the end of the commercial, in an almost whisper, the announcer rattles off a whole list of side effects that sound like a horror show.  The only thing that is a miracle is that someone would actually take the risk of trying that new drug of the day.

Are you, like many others, tired of this roller coaster of being sick and never really getting better?  Some people have found the key to getting healthier, health tourism.  What is health tourism?  People are going to other countries to seek alternative, yet proven treatments of getting healthier and better.

Instead of just going to see the sites in other lands, people are going to places such as the Jiva Ayurveda and Indus Valley Ayurveda Center in India to get treatments not available to them where they live.

It?s not just alternative treatments people are seeking; there are modern treatments they are seeking in other countries as well. For instance, let us say you are looking for Lasik surgery to improve your eyesight, you might consider going to the Thailand?s

 TRSC International LASIK Center.  What about orthopedic surgery that you have been needing but have not been able to schedule with local doctors because they have waiting lists that are months long or is significantly expensive, you could go to the Knee/Orthopedic Surgery Center in India.

It?s not only medical treatments that people are traveling to get help with; there are also dental clinics like the Advanced Dentistry Costa Rica. 

They handle a variety of different dental procedures to help you get that smile you have always wanted.

You might be wondering how you can find these places and set up appointments today. Keep reading because there is a wonderful free site called PlacidWay that can help you.

The medical tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds. People are traveling out of country and even places within their own country to seek both modern and alternative health services. There had been some bad press in prior years about people seeking health treatments abroad, but this is not true anymore. Places like Thailand are famous for Lasik surgery or dental care and India for Orthopedic surgery use modern technologies and procedures, while offering world class treatment to you for less. This is because in places such as the Untied States, doctors have to pay outrageous rent, medical insurance and licensing fees that they have to hike up their prices just to make ends meet.  In other countries the cost for these items are much less and therefore they can charge less for their procedures.

Treatment centers around the world want to do business from these traveling health tourists so they are getting international accreditations and certifications ensuring that they are using and practicing medical and alterative medicine procedures at the highest standard possible.

Places such as India and Thailand are catering more to health tourist.  With modern places to stay, traveling to these destinations has become easier and more affordable. These countries are becoming serious health destinations for those people that have discovered the health tourism secret.

You may live in a country that has socialized medicine. This means long wait times, procedures not being available and doctors and facilities becoming health factories.  They do not give you the time and care they should because they are so overburdened. When you make appointments in places such as Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, they take the time and are ready for your arrival.  You can go when it is convenient for you and the wait time is much less then places located in countries with socialized medicine.

One of the biggest areas that people are seeking medical treatment for is cosmetic surgeries. These types of procedures are rarely covered by insurance, and are rather costly.  People have discovered that they can get the same procedures for less in other countries than they would locally. This includes the cost of travel expenses.

Are you interested yet? Do you want more information? I mentioned earlier a site called PlacidWay. This revolutionary site provides for all of your medical tourism needs.  Some of the benefits at the site are search engines that not only allow you to look at what various countries around the world have to offer, but you can also search just using the procedure you are looking for.  The site provides lists of where the best providers are and links to their sites so that can you can learn more. PlacidWay provides you the ability to book travel and hotels right from their site.  What could be easier? There are monthly articles to feature what procedures are available and the best places to seek those procedures.  Did I mention this was free? Yes all of the services are available for you to use for free. From finding out where to get your next liposuction treatment to getting heart surgery can all be found at PlacidWay Site. Try it today; see what others have found to be the next great frontier in medicine, Health Tourism.

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