Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexicali. Mexico

Ken Sewell had had enough. He'd had it with his insurance company. In his own words, "After reviewing the mandatory requirements of my insurance company, I decided to pay for the procedure out of pocket. There was simply no way I could arrange my busy work schedule to meet the demands of local medical providers, not to mention my intolerance for superfluous bureaucracy."

After carefully determining cost, out of pocket expenses, and other requirements, Sewell realized that his deductible alone would amount to more than half the cost of the procedure. Not only that, but the proposed wait time before he could schedule a gastric sleeve operation was 6 to 8 months in the future, a wait he could hardly afford due to his current condition.

Like millions of individuals around the world suffering not only from weight gain (Ken averaged 275 pounds) he found that his weight had compounded his health. He developed Type II diabetes and increased blood pressure. His joints hurt and it became more difficult for him to continue almost daily treadmill workouts, riding his bicycle, and prevented him from enjoying a relatively mobile and active lifestyle.

Fed up with the bureaucracy he experienced with local health care providers, Ken researched gastric sleeve surgery providers through PlacidWay, an international medical care provider and medical tourism portal that offers in depth research, qualifications, treatments and costs for a variety of obesity and bariatric surgery procedures around the world. He focused on certified facilities in Mexico, closer to home.

"I contacted Dr. Jorge Maytorena, an obesity surgeon specializing in diabetic surgery in Mexicali, Baja California, just south of the border. Pleased with Dr. Maytorena's education, expertise and experience, Ken carefully researched gastric sleeve surgery, weighed his concerns regarding obtaining surgery in a foreign country, asked questions and, as he says, the rest is history.

Experiencing Diabetes Obesity Surgery In Mexico

Thanks to PlacidWay and Dr. Jorge Maytorena's helpful staff arranging his travel, treatment and accommodations, Ken arrived at San Diego Airport, where his luggage was collected and stowed in the back of a brand new minivan. He and his wife were driven to Mexicali, where he was comfortably settled into his room, where friendly and English-speaking staff made him feel comfortable and answered any questions he had regarding his upcoming gastric sleeve surgery.

The surgery preceded without complications, and after one day of minimal discomfort, Ken was up and walking around the small but comfortable and clean facilities. After ensuring that his recovery was going well, Ken was discharged from the hospital and driven to a local hotel to complete his recuperation, with frequent appointments with Dr. Maytorena to ensure his questions were answered, he was experiencing no complications, and he felt comfortable with his recuperation.

What surprised Ken most was how well he liked his doctor and accommodations. "I really liked my doctor. After talking with him, I felt safe and confident in his abilities. He specialized in this type of surgery and performs hundreds of similar operations every year."

Even more surprising to Ken was the open avenue of communication and information he received.  "Unlike larger U.S. hospitals, I was kept informed every step of the way.  I almost felt as if I was there only patient."

To complete his positive experience in Mexico, Ken was pleased that his final bill didn't have any hidden costs, and was taken care of quickly and efficiently, unlike dental repair he had received several months ago in the states and was still receiving bills for.

"Traveling to Mexico was one of the best decisions I made regarding my medical care. You need to be diligent and do your research. I did.  Dr. Maytorena and his staff provided me with one of the smoothest and the efficient experiences with health care that I have ever experienced.

I would like to personally thank Dr. Maytorena and his staff for the courtesy and professional manner in which they handled my recent medical procedure. I am happy to say my blood sugar levels have gone back to normal, and nearly three weeks after surgery, I was back on the treadmill and I now regularly walk 2 miles a day without pain. Food is no longer the central focus of my life, and my only regret is not having this operation sooner."

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