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Blossom Bariatrics

Affordable Gastric Bypass Package

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgical procedure utilizes a mixture of constraint and malabsorption. In the course of the process, the physician makes a smaller abdomen pocket. The surgeon then connects a Y-shaped portion of the little intestine straight to the pouch.

This enables food to bypass a big part of the small intestine, which takes in calories and nutrients. Possessing the smaller belly pocket causes customers to be fuller quicker and consume less food; bypassing a part of the small intestine signifies the patient's system takes in fewer calories.

Gastric Bypass Cost

Our Gastric Bypass Surgery is $21 ,500 and consists of:

  • TransportationGastric Bypass Surgery
  • Medical center Charges
  • Pre-Operatory Exams (Labs, X-Rays, Evaluation)
  • Dietary Examination
  • Gastric Plication Treatment
  • Surgeons' Charges
  • Anesthesiologist Costs
  • Hospital Stay in for customer and 1 friend with access to meals , bathroom , tv and wireless internet (Customer is not sent to a hotel for a suitable follow-up)
  • The period of stay for this treatment is as follows; you have your Gastric Bypass Surgery carried out on day of coming to hospital, you stay the next two days, and are out on the fourth day.

With an exceptionally skilled crew of surgeons, nurses, dieticians, Diabesity Surgery can provide our customers with a secure and efficient fat loss surgical procedure, extensive pre- and post-operative training and constant aftercare. We are here to give you guidance to a better, more healthy life.

Why Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is an incredible travel destination for tourism with grand shopping malls, fast food restaurants, movie theatres, clubs and a lot more. Lots of people from US as well as abroad travel to Las Vegas for holiday and world class treatment at convenient price.

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