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365mc Seoul South Korea HPL Weight Loss

365 mc HPL Weight Loss Treatment

in Seoul South Korea

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Trying to lose weight without surgery?

Tired of various techniques that do not work?

The HPL Weight Loss Treatment in South Korea is here to help you!

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It is a common fact that a slim body makes you feel healthy and boosts your self-esteem, not to mention that it is more attractive. The Hypotonic Pharmacologic Lipo-Dissolusion is a method of melting and discharging fat, by injecting medication that breaks down fat down directly on the parts one wishes to slim down.

Hypotonic Pharmacologic Lipo-Dissolusion in Seoul South KoreaHPL does not involve any type of surgery and you will be able to see the results!

Who can benefit from HPL Treatment in Seoul, South Korea?

Anyone who wants or requires to lose weight is an ideal candidate for our procedure.


Overview of HPL Weight Loss Treatment in South Korea:

The technique involves injecting small needles made of special fiber, inside these small needles a laser beam is projected targetting the fat. In the targeted area, the fat melts when it’s striked by lasers. The fat which is melted is absorbed into the blood stream.

The first considerable signs can be seen after one month and through this procedure sagging and loose skin are considerably less seen, compared to other procedures.

HPL Treatment for Weight Loss in South KoreaTime:

HPL procedure takes about 30-35 minutes


To be effective, HPL weight loss would be advised to be perfomed every 10 days.


Your body is given and injection of hypotonic medicine water into the thick layer of fat (1,000cc-2,000cc) - depending upon the are which has stubborn fat deposits such as: abdomen, love-handle, tights, hips, arms

You will feel a small sting, stiff area for a few minutes and numbness.

The small discomfort is compensated by the fact that HPL weight loss procedure in Seoul, South Korea helps boost metabolism and the circulation of the blood may be enhanced.

The overall effect of HPL Weight Loss Procedure is South Korea at 365 mc:

  • Breaks down Cellulite
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Better Blood Circulation

How much does the HPL Weight Loss Treatment cost?

HPL Price in Seoul South Korea

The HPL Weight Loss Treatment package includes:

  • Lab work
  • Stay with nurse care (if recommended)
  • Medications required by respective procedure
  • Compression garments

The HPL Weight Loss Treatment package excludes:

  • Visa expenses.
  • Other medical services, interdisciplinary medical advice and additional drugs used
  • Eventual hotel accommodation

Why choose to have HPL Weight Loss Treatment in South Korea?

  • We have more than 10,000 patients/month all satisfied with the level of service they receive
  • Our doctors and nursing staff are well prepared, with years of experience in the field and respected experts in their field
  • The devices and procedures used in our treatments are the latest in the medical field
  • The treatment environment is very clean and has been approved by the Health Ministry here in Seoul

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Ask 365mc about the HPL Weight Loss Treatment details!

You will receive all the required info for the procedure in Seoul!

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