Egg Donation Package in Chania Greece

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Egg Donation Package in Chania Greece

Egg Donation Package in Chania, Greece

Many women who are unable to conceive a child, but still want to become mothers, are choosing the egg donation method. The poor quality of their eggs (due to the patient’s age) is the main reason why single women or couples resort to this option.

For many women who want to become mothers, egg donation is actually the only way to get pregnant.

Egg Donation Overview

The egg donation process has two stages. The first stage is the ovarian hyper-stimulation, during which the egg donor id receiving hormonal drugs that stimulate the ovaries to produce more mature eggs during a menstrual cycle. The second phase is the egg retrieval: mature eggs are collected from the donor through a surgical procedure.

The clinic matches a donor on the characteristics of the recipient. The donor must be anonymous by the Greek Law although the patients (recipients) will receive the characteristics of the donor (age, hair colour, eye colour, blood type, length, weight, education, hobbies).

The clinic's donors are mostly Greek (Caucasian), with ages between 20 and 30 years old, preferably with children. Before they are allowed to enter the donation program, they will be medically screened on HIV, Hepatitis B and C, CMV, Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, Cystic Fibrosis, and the center will perform a genetic exam called Karyotype. The donor will be checked psychologically during a session with a psychiatrist.

For performing a fresh embryo transfer, the donor and the recipient will start using the contraceptive pill, in order to synchronize their cycles. The use of the contraceptive pill will take approximately 2 cycles and when both of them have their periods at the same time, the recipient will have to start medication to make her uterus ready for the embryo transfer. At the same time, the donor starts the medication to stimulate her follicles.

At the end of the second week of taking the medication, the couple will have to come to Crete (Greece). The male partner will have to give his semen on the day of the egg retrieval. Th embryologist will fertilize the eggs and, after 3 or 5 days, the best 2 embryos (maximum) will be transferred.

All together, it is advised for the couple to be on Crete for one week. But, of course, they are very welcome to do the preparation before the embryo transfer on Crete and be monitored via vaginal ultrasounds at our Institute without any extra costs.

Benefits of Egg Donation

  • No age limits
  • High success rate
  • Women that can’t produce healthy eggs have the chance of conceiving
  • Compared to adoption Egg Donation involves less legal issues
  • The recipient carries the pregnancy and controls the gestational environment

Egg Donation Package’s Price in Greece

Cost, Inclusions and Exclusions

At Mediterranean Fertility Institute (Chania, Greece), the egg donation package’s price starts at $4,981. The patients will receive at least 8 mature eggs.

Included in this price are: Medical/psychological/genetic screening donor, medication donor, ICSI, cultivation of the embryos and of course the transfer of the embryos.

Excluded are the medical exams the couple will have to go through in their country, the medication which is necessary in order to prepare the endometrium lining (estrogens and Progesterone) and the travel expenses.

Why Choose Us?

  • The clinic offers a wide variety of modern, high-success rate fertility treatments and procedures
  • The medical center has years of experience in fertility treatments
  • Each patient will have a fertility program developed according to his/her needs
  • The medical team consists of highly experienced and trained physicians
  • Friendly environment and patient-specific approach which engulfs all patients needs before, during and after the treatment

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