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NewAge Clinic, Istanbul, TurkeyWelcome to Newage Clinic

Newage Clinic is a hair transplantation and aesthetics clinic situated in the heart of Istanbul. The clinic is headed by Dr. Ilker Apyadin who holds impressive international affiliations from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). Newage Clinic is well known in Turkey for its highest quality treatment, experienced medical staff and modern equipment which are helping patients fully enjoy their treatment.

NewAge Clinic Entrance

Newage Clinic is a doctor-only clinic, as adviced by ISHRS. In Newage, hair transplantation is performed not under the supervision or control of a physician, but by a Plastic Surgeon himself.

Dr. Ilker Apaydin

At Newage Clinic, we listen carefully to understand the needs of our patients who want to renew themselves and start a new life. We believe that the treatment will not only enhance your physical appearance but will also change your life in a better way. It is for this reason we are offering a variety of treatments to make sure that the patients get to choose a procedure which they feel would work for them perfectly. Our clinic provides a safe and relaxing ambiance to make our patients feel comfortable and confident. 

Treatments Offered:

  • Hair Transplantation
  • FUE Hair Transplantation
  • FUT Hair Transplantation
  • PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)
  • Eyebrow Transplantation
  • Beard, Mustache, Sideburn Transplantation

Why Choose Newage Clinic?

In Newage Clinic, we believe that we are not only a medical center which will perform the treatment for you but will also serve as your support and trusted companion while in Istanbul. Our main focus is always on the patients, hence, we provide you a customized treatment plan to ensure your satisfaction on the outcome of your treatment.

We understand your concerns about being in another country, maybe on your own without anyone accompanying you. That is why we always keep ethical principles above all, to make you feel comfortable and safe. 

NewAge Clinic for Hair Transplant

Here are some good reasons why you should come to our clinic:

  • Your doctor will be one of the few plastic surgeons who makes hair transplantation himself in Turkey. Your doctor will answer all your questions. You will have the solution offered to you to get the best result.
  • You will get the best quality medical and hospitality services for reasonable prices.
  • You will be looked after by our experienced patient coordinators from the moment you arrive at the airport until you leave.
  • You will have a chance to visit beautiful Istanbul.

NewAge Clinic at Istanbul

How Does It Work? 

It all starts with your appeal at the Placidway site. Once we see your message, our patient coordinators will get back to you and ask for photos of your scalp to make an online medical evaluation. 

Dr. Ilker Apaydin evaluates the photos. After that, our patient coordinators get back to you with a medical consultation report and a quote. You can ask any questions to our patient coordinators and you can arrange an operation day together.

You can now buy a flight ticket to Istanbul and leave the rest to us, we will arrange the transfers and the accommodation for you.

Once you are ready to come to Turkey on the scheduled date we will have you picked up from the airport either to the hotel or to the hospital.

After the operation you can have a rest at your lovely boutique hotel or take a walk through the vivant streets of Istanbul. Your hotel, the hospital and the clinic are situated very close to each other, in a 2-3 minutes walk area in Nisantasi. Nisantasi is a popular neighbourhood in Istanbul filled with beautiful cafes and spectacular shops.

Contact us to discuss your treatment plan and create the best solution for you!



Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation Process

Hair Transplantation procedure is done by extracting hair follicles from the back of the scalp and moving them on the area where hair is thinning. Hair transplantation can be described as a relocation operation too. This is done on the hair located at the posterior scalp which consists of donor dominant hair and has the ability of growing for a lifetime. These follicles don’t lose their capacity of growing after being transplanted on the recipient area. 

Hair Transplantation at NewAge Clinic

Newage Clinic offers a wide variety of Hair Transplantation options such as FUE Hair Transplantation, FUT Hair Transplantations, PRP, Eyebrow, Beard, Mustache and Sideburn transplantation.

Hair Transplant Options at Newage Clinic


Contact us to discuss your treatment plan and create the best solution for you!


Dr. Ilker Apaydin has been an Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon for more than 20 years. He is an internationally acknowledged surgeon and an active member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS). He has focused his practice on hair transplantation since 1998. He has committed to practicing on hair transplantation only. He has gained quite a reputation among the patients as you may see in forums and reviews online.

Dr. Ilker Apaydin

Dr. Ilker Apaydin has been sharing his experiences in this area at international congresses and symposiums, and giving FUE hair transplantation trainings to their colleagues in cooperation with International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

Dr. Ilker Apaydin has performed FUE, FUT and Combined operations on more than 8000 patients (men and women) from all over the world. He is fluent in English.

Dr. Ilker Apaydin NewAge Clinic

Dr. Apaydin's professional career started in 1998. After completion of his residency in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery department in one of the priviledged university hospitals in Turkey, Ankara University Medical Faculty, he immediately worked as a senior plastic surgeon. He continued his career after being renowned as one of the most experienced hair restoration surgeons in Europe. In 2012, Dr. Apaydin started his own private clinic, Newage Clinic, to pursue further his passion in providing high quality hair treatments.


  • ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

  • ISHRS (International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery)

  • EPCD (Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Society)

  • TPRCD (Turkish Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Society)


Contact us to discuss your treatment plan and create the best solution for you!


Turkey Medical Tourism

Istanbul is a perfect place if you would love to meet and completely experience the Turkish culture. There is a lot of local hotspots that you can check out based on your interest to make your experience most memorable. Istanbul is well known for their amazing architecture, historical buildings and even for their bazaars which shoppers and foodies will enjoy.Here's a list of some of the attractions worth visiting during your trip.

  • Grand Bazaar – If you love shopping, this haven is a perfect place to start your visit. Variety of merchandise with affordable prices makes this a must-see for tourists.
  • Spice Bazaar – A version of Grand Bazaar, this place would be enjoyed by food lovers. You can have the chance to explore vast Turkish cuisine and delicacies and even find the best ingredients to spice up your cooking.
  • Hagia Sofia – Formerly Christian patriarchal basilica then became an imperial mosque and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. You can admire this Istanbul landmark and enjoy its beauty  during your trip.
  • Blue Mosque - Blue Mosque got its name from the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior. It is built and inspired by Ottoman and Islamic architecture combination and is a perfect place for people who has an eye for architecture or just simply loves history.
  • Cagaloglu Hamam – This is a historical building which was built originally to serve as a public restroom.As the economic society evolves, the facility were of no use anymore and Hamam was just left for people to go in and relax during their visit.


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