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Dr. Raynald Torres - Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery

Makati, Philippines
Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery is a famous clinic in Makati, Philippines to offer cosmetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty. Other cosmetic procedures include Face Lift, Blepharoplasty, Chin Augmentation, Neck Lift, Jaw Contouring, Chin Reduction, Breast Augmentation, Facial Feminization Surgery, Ultrasonic Liposuction, Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck, Fat Transfer, etc.

Instituto Estetico Manila

Makati City, Philippines
Our role as doctors is to guide you, and to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Let Instituto Estetico Manila help you be your own unique beautiful selves. We will never compromise function and physiology for aesthetics. We offer you smart, customized beauty... Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry, and Dermatology.

Makati Medical Center

Makati City, Philippines
Established by a group of dedicated medical professionals with a common vision to administer medical care of the highest order, and to make MMC the leading provider of health care in the country. With full conviction that the patient's total health needs is the primary concern of the hospital, it recognizes therefore, that the physical, emotional and spiritual care of the patient must be the very core of its operation.

Roura DermSurgery

Makati City , Philippines
Combining the specialties of dermatology and cosmetic surgery to effectively address healthy skin care and overall aesthetics.
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