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Dharma Healing Center

Surat Thani, Thailand
Offering an educational fasting course program; emphasizing, self-healing, self-empowerment, holistic weight loss and spiritual transformation—teaching people how to own their body, focus their minds and be responsible for their health… Meditation, Yoga, Qi Kung, Water Exercise, Raw Food Preparation, Classes in Nutrition, Vibrational Sound Healing and Acupressure-Foot Reflexology instruction are provided in a family atmosphere of peace and loving support. Our island awaits those who are looking to be reborn.

Herbal Treatment Center

Surat, India
Our center has treated nearly 9000 patients of various types of Hair Loss (alopecia) and has proved that Ayurvedic herbal treatments are highly effective, harmless and 100% safe for hair loss problems. World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized ayurveda as prime alternative therapy.
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