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Parkinson Stem Cell Clinics in Ukraine

  Stem Cell Clinics for Parkinson's Disease in Ukraine   Lately, there are more and more patients who are looking for Stem Cell therapy in order to treat...

Package price: $10000

Stem Cell Therapy Package in Frankfurt Germany

Stem Cell Therapy Package in Frankfurt, Germany Are you looking for stem cell therapy? Can’t decide which clinic is the best for you? Read below everything about t...

Package price: $19284

Fetal Stem Cell Therapy for Parkinsons in Kiev Ukraine by UCTC

Unique Cell Treatment Clinic’s large positive experience in treating primary and secondary parkinsonism with fetal stem cells (FCS) in Kiev, Ukraine has been highly succe...

Package price: $10000

A Special Discount Package for Stem Cell in Mexico

A Special Discount Package for Stem Cell   ProgenCell comes to international patients help with stem cell protocols beginning with evaluations intended for careful p...

Package price: $5500

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