Placidway Expands Cancer Treatment Options in Germany

Cancer Treatment Options in Germany by PlacidWay


Cancer treatment options in Germany

PlacidWay announces a featured partnership with German International Clinic, a holistic outpatient day clinic, offering holistic alternative medicine for immune system activation, regeneration, and detoxification for the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases. Through their advanced alternative methods and specialized medical staff, German International Clinic serves to meet the changing needs of its medical and international clientele.

Denver, CO, USA 17 July 2015: PlacidWay, a worldwide market leader in the medical tourism industry, announces a featured partnership with German International  Clinic, a holistic outpatient day clinic in Frankfurt, Germany. The alliance combines the vision of both organizations to offer exceptional healthcare services to international patients suffering from cancer and chronic diseases, while fostering a patient-centered approach in an ever changing healthcare industry.

“We are very pleased to join PlacidWay to promote alternative and combination treatments for cancer and chronic diseases like diabetes. Through PlacidWay, we are aiming a wider clientele reach so that patients can experience these breakthrough treatments found in our country," says Dr. Gerhard Siebenhüner, Director of German International Clinic. “

“German healthcare is one of the best in the world because they adhere to high standards of medical practice and have the most modern and sophisticated facilities,” says Mr. Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay. “Not only that many tourists visit Germany because they offer alternative treatments for chronic diseases and especially cancer, which is one of the treatments international patients travel for. With German International Clinic offering treatments for cancer, medical travellers have another option to consider” Mr.Goel explains.  

German International  Clinic is well-known all over Germany as a day clinic offering various alternative and combination therapies, among which is advanced biological treatments for cancer. These treatments are Hyperthermia (to thermally damage tumor cells), Insulin Potentiation Therapy (opens cells for easy assimilation of drugs), Photodynamic therapy (application of laser light to destroy cancer cells), Percutaneous electrical tumor therapy (direct current is supplied to the tumor to eliminate it).

Also available are supportive infusion therapy such as Amygdalin (Vitamin B17) Vitamin C infusions, which were created by Dr. Siebenhüner himself. These infusions are based on the vulnerabilities of the patients which are identified thru laboratory analysis of the cells. Other than that, the clinic is also known for stem cell therapy and treatment for chronic diseases.

They are Apheresis (blood cleansing concept similar to dialysis), Photodynamic laser therapy, Colon hydrotherapy, Eye Acupuncture (for conjunctivitis & macular degeneration), Ozone-oxygen treatment (to stimulate body healing) and heavy-metal elimination. Other treatments only found in the clinic include chemo-sensitivity testing and regenerative therapies such as Specified Nutrition, Detoxification, Deacidication and Psycho Onkology.

The clinic in Frankfurt is furnished with the latest modern equipment. They also offer the following logistic services for international clients such as travel and visa assistance, interpreter and intercultural mediation needs.

German International Clinic’s partnership with PlacidWay will certainly increase access of medical travelers to alternative therapies for cancer, stem cell therapy and other unique treatments for chronic diseases. The alliance will also help promote German International’s goal to provide customized alternative therapy that not only works to eliminate disease symptoms but to make the person live a better quality of life.

“The German International Clinic and PlacidWay are both recognized for high quality and affordable healthcare information and services dedicated to improve the health of the communities we belong to. With our combined commitment, we will continue to be the affordable and quality healthcare resource to our clients and patients throughout the world,” concludes Mr. Goel.  

About PlacidWay:

PlacidWay is one of the  most comprehensive providers of medical tourism information services in the world. Through its partnerships with healthcare facilites and clinics from all over the world, PlacidWay extends its reach to provide information international medical patients need to get patient-centered care that fits the budget and needs of the client.

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by: Patricia Perez

2015-07-17 / Updated on: 2022-03-28

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