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Innovations in Hip Prostheses Reduce Bone Loss

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Mostly encountered in the elderly patient group, calcification of the joints is a disease which can afflict people of any age.

Making itself felt with aches and restrictions in mobility in the early phase, advanced stages of the disease markedly reduce the quality of life of the patient. In our age, this problem finds a successful solution in articular prosthesis surgery. Associate Professor Nadir Şener, an orthopaedics and traumatology specialist at Acıbadem Bursa Hospital says that with respect to outcome, prosthesis surgery is one of the most satisfactory surgeries of our day. He goes on to inform us about hip prosthesis surgery, an example of a major prosthesis surgery.

Associate Professor Şener says: "Hip prosthesis surgery may be performed on all kinds of joint calcifications and new developments in the field increase chances of success even higher." Associate Professor Şener points out that surface prosthesis which has been in widespread use in recent years ensures a lot less bone loss on the part of the patient, thereby reducing the potential risks of the surgery.

Associate Professor Şener says that patients who receive surface prosthesis are under much lower risk of prosthesis dislocation and wear and tear. He states "Thanks to this method, patients may return to their daily activities much earlier and have an easier time putting on their socks and shoes, climbing or coming down the stairs or driving."..

Yalçın San is a patient who has undergone surface prosthesis surgery at Acıbadem Bursa Hospital. He reports having gone back to his regular daily activities within a period of 2 months following his surgery. Expressing his thanks to Associate Professor Şener who has performed his surgery, Yalçın San states: "I am now enjoying a pain-free life".

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