Dr. Pero Šutalo is a highly respected dentist for Dental Implants Croatia, located in beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia. His clinic just outside the historic city offers a variety of cosmetic dental treatments and procedures, including but not limited to implants, crowns, gum reshaping and traditional fillings, just to name a few.

However, Dr. Šutalo is concerned about the broad promises made by many medical facilities throughout the world, responding to increased interest in medical and dental tourism. He wants consumers and international travellers to know him and his clinic are different; while they offer superlative dental care and treatments, he's not willing to sacrifice his reputation for quality for a reputation of being cheap.

Dr. Šutalo and his clinic in Dubrovnik have worked hard to reach high standards and are not only certified but continue to seek training in all new dental procedures from specialists around the globe. Dr. Šutalo holds training and certification from the ICDE, for Aesthetic Implant Rehabilitation and Bone Augmentation, Implant Placement and Soft Tissue and Bone Management Grafting and certificates in Bone Transfer, Sinus Lift Techniques, from the Chiemsee Akademie Bone Management Competence Center, among others.

Making a Difference at Dental Implants Croatia
Listen to what Dr. Šutalo has to say about that:

Today, the Internet provides easy access to information and resources around the globe. No service is unreachable and when searching “dental treatment abroad” you’ll find various information and offers from around the globe. Most of the time, dental implants are promoted as very cheap and other forms of dental work are typically offered at half price. All these deals sound very appealing, but few know what really lies behind such eye catching claims. Today, everything seems to be “on sale”, even dental care.

"When it comes to dental treatment, let's be realistic," says Dr. Šutalo. "We cannot offer an implant for 400 Euros or charge 10 Euros for a tooth filling, simply because doing so is far below the standards of our clinics."

Nevertheless, Dental Implants Croatia can and does offer quality implants from 700 to 1000 Euros, made by eminent and established global companies (U.S., Sweden, Switzerland and Germany). Dental Implants Croatia offers fillings made from the finest materials and dental treatments are made on behalf of best known and effective techniques. Materials and equipment used in the facility are modern, available and make use of latest technologies and diagnostic systems.

Quality dental care should be seen as a right to every individual. Consumers should not have to be warned to use caution when selecting medical and dental services or providers abroad. Disclaimers should not have to be listed on medical tourism portals.

Dr. Šutalo sometimes wonders if such warnings are designed to scare the general public away from utilizing foreign healthcare and dental providers and encourage them to utilize very expensive healthcare in their country of origin or because often a number of complaints registered from patients that have never experienced healthcare abroad.

Why the need of such disclaimers, asks Dr. Šutalo. "We ask ourselves why, for goodness sake; it’s about medicine and healthcare! Shouldn’t the general interest of doctors be to serve all patients, regardless of where they're from?"

Dr. Šutalo and his clinic performed a study on feedback regarding foreign medical and dental care. Namely, 89 % of complaints made by patients treated (general treatment) abroad seemed to have made their choice solely based on "cheapest price found". Unfortunately, for all of us, choosing medical or dental care providers just because they're cheap is detrimental to the entire industry and to the reputation of excellent and experienced healthcare providers around the globe.

It seems that some patients are not satisfied with saving up to 60%, and search more benefits or even to make a profit by undertaking medical or dental treatment abroad, combined with a travel arrangement.

What's the Difference?
We at Dental Implant Croatia remain dedicated to the proposition of "quality of the product" as the main reason a patient should leave his home country and travel abroad for healthcare in general. We believe that the results of scientific research related to that same product are important as well as our clinical experience related to the product.

Quality patient care is about our individual approach to each patient. Dental Implant Croatia does not work like a dental factory, but offers quality treatments and procedures at Croatian rates. For us, it's not important to have the most patients; we don't keep one eye on the clock as we treat every patient.

Instead, we strive to achieve highest quality possible for each and every individual and their need. In our opinion, this should be and is the difference of our clinic. Our patients are faithful to our clinic and refer us further and freely place their unbiased and true written testimonials with us.

That's the bottom line; quality patient care breeds loyalty, integrity and will build your business faster than offering severely discounted treatments and services. Don't forget - consumers and patients know the difference.

Dr. Pero Šutalo DDS, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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