Croatia is fast developing into a world class medical tourism and dental vacation destination.  Dental treatment in Croatia offers a variety of quality yet affordable treatments and procedures. Dental Implants Croatia offers dental implants and more in Dubrovnik, the ultimate in Croatian tourism destinations.

Facility and Treatments Overview
Dental Implants Croatia is a dental facility located in the heart of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Cosmetic and dental implant surgeries and procedures in Croatia are up to date, offer a viable options for international business travelers as well as domestic and global tourists seeking affordable and high quality dental implants and dental care across borders.

Dental Implants Croatia offers high quality dental treatments and diagnostics including prosthetic dental procedures utilizing up to date technology and equipment such as computer guided implantology utilizing SIMPLANT software, digital orthopantomograph and CT technology.

In addition to offering dental implants and advanced cosmetic techniques and procedures, staff at Dental Implants Croatia also offer oral surgery, teeth whitening, and functional therapies that not only improve smiles, but restore tooth, jaw, eating and speaking function. Also engaging in endodontics, periodontology and prosthodontics and veneers, staff at Dental Implants Croatia are able to offer patients the best in service and quality.

Dentists and staff at Dental Implants Croatia stay abreast of new technologies and treatments and engage high standards and continued certification in both domestic and international educational opportunities regarding the latest in dental technology and advancements in diagnostic equipment and software. 

Says Dr. Šutalo, "We at Dental Implant Croatia remain dedicated to the proposition of “quality of the product” as the main reason a patient should leave his home country and travel abroad for healthcare in general. We believe that the results of scientific research related to that same product are important as well as our clinical experience related to the product."

Dr. Šutalo, DDS at Dental Implants Croatia, earned and is certified from the ICDE, for Aesthetic Implant Rehabilitation and Bone Augmentation, Implant Placement and Soft Tissue and Bone Management Grafting and certificates in Bone Transfer, Sinus Lift Techniques, from the Chiemsee Akademie Bone Management Competence Center, among others.

Says Antun Poljanich from New Zealand, "Dr. Šutalo - amazing dentist. Would he be living in California, you would see him frequently on those Hollywood complete makeover shows. Had never met such attitude: professionalism that meets courtesy and passion for the profession. This dental practice in Croatia is simply a superb value for money and a beautiful relaxing destination for dentistry."

Traveling To Croatia for Dental Care

Croatia was officially recognized as its own country in 1992, following years of war and conflict. Since then, Croatians have determined to become a focal point for European travelers as well as a global destination that offers the best in tourism, accommodations, dining, entertainment and UNESCO World Heritage Sights. Two such sights, Plitvice Lakes and the Old City of Dubrovnik, draw thousands of visitors a year. Croatia is proud of her many National Parks and islands and the infamous Danube, which attracts visitors looking for classic romance in the city of Vukovar.

Dental Implants Croatia is a short distance from the seaside and is surrounded by parks, bright azure seas, Mediterranean vegetation and offers visitors the chance to visit the Old City, with historical landmarks and architecture that date back to the 1200s. Dobrovnik is also a city that offers cultural events, concerts, museums, theater place as well as the best in dining and accommodations in Central Europe.

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