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Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical resource and provider for medical tourism abroad, recently met with Sergey Danilov, a tourism expert in Uzbekistan, and chairman of public committee, for improving tourism legislation under Uzbektourism, following his presentation at the South Korean Medical Tourism Conference in November 2011.

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Goel is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable health care options to individuals around the world. Goel believes that it's important to offer individuals from areas where healthcare services are limited the opportunity to travel to other destinations around the globe to receive the best in medical and dental care.

CIS countries are among the emerging markets in terms of medical tourism.  They have a common feature as well as some differences mostly related to the general economical situation and public health care in particular.

For example, Russia (first of all Far East region) and Kazakhstan are leading in outbound medical tourism and travel for health because their citizens can afford to pay for medical treatment overseas while the level of medical services in the central cities and remote areas often are not the same.

Currently, some inhabitants of Uzbekistan have a choice to travel to locations such as South Korea and India, as well as to Russia, Israel and EC, for major or critical surgeries. They also have options to get high quality medical services in their country.

Danilov is not only interested in promoting increased access to medical care for Uzbekistanis, but promoting tourism to Uzbekistan's numerous historic and beautiful locations.

Global Connectivity Benefitting Millions Seeking International Health Care
An expert on medical tourism, Goel is confident that the medical tourism industry's development in recent years has increased the potential of globalization of medical care and services. Merging companies and providers provides active participation in national and international markets, creating one large and interconnected global medical marketplace.

"Communication and connectivity link people around the world today," states Goel.  "Information, data and cash flows from one country to another arrive almost instantly. Services produced in one country can be transferred to another within seconds."

Developing a relationship with Uzbekistan has the potential to offer excellent access to medical services for citizens of Uzbekistan as well as surrounding areas. An increase in demand for highly skilled doctors, qualified medical staff, and state-of-the-art medical centers and facilities are essential for the future of health and wellness for global patients.

Writes Danilov for the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, "Tours of this kind and other cultural tours which may be developed in conjunction with Uzbekistan have the right to live as they may be seen as civilization exchange tours which will lead to a deeper understanding of the unity of our world. Considering the historical links of Uzbekistan and Spain, direct flights between Tashkent and Madrid, and routes to Spain through Uzbekistan for travelers from Japan and other countries, Uzbekistan is indeed becoming a crossroads of world civilizations."

"In developing a relationship with Uzbekistan, it is possible to increase the number of tourists into the country for health and spiritual tourism, using available and natural resources as well as relying on a rich cultural heritage," states Goel.  "For example, there are plans for effective use of vast expanses of desert area and lake locations to create new spa resorts. The food, culture and friendliness of Uzbekistan people as well as their history of rich spiritual heritage in locations such as Shahi Zinda in Samarkand are excellent opportunities to attract international visitors."

"We are pleased to be developing this new relationship with UzbekTourism and Uzbekistan," concludes Goel. "Along with the dedication and determination of Sergey Danilov, the developing relationship between PlacidWay and partners in Uzbekistan will ultimately offer only the best in benefits, accessibility and affordability for not only the citizens of Uzbekistan, but travelers from around the region and further international origins."

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2011-12-11 / Updated on: 2021-06-11

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