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Tummy Tuck Clinics Lebanon


Tummy Tuck Clinics in Lebanon

Tummy tuck, known as abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure used in the tightening of the abdomen. The procedure involves the removal of excess fat and skin in order to tighten the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall.

Tummy tuck procedures

  • Combination procedures
  • Complete abdominoplasty
  • Partial abdominoplasty
  • High lateral tension tummy tuck
  • Extended abdominoplasty
  • Circumferential abdominoplasty
  • Floating Abdominoplasty or FAB Technique

Complete abdominoplasty:

  • An incision is made from one hip to the other just above the pubic area.
  • Another incision is made to free the navel from the surrounding skin.
  • The skin is detached from the abdominal wall to reveal the muscles and fascia to be tightened. The muscle fascia wall is tightened with sutures.
  • Liposuction is often used to refine the transition zones of the abdominal sculpture.
  • A dressing and sometimes a compression garment are applied and any excess fluid from the site is drained.

Partial abdominoplasty:

  • A smaller incision will be made.
  • The skin and fat of the lower abdomen are detached in a more limited fashion from the muscle fascia. The skin is stretched down and excess skin removed.
  • Sometimes the belly button stalk is divided from the muscle below and the belly button slid down lower on the abdominal wall.
  • Sometimes a portion of the abdominal muscle fascia wall is tightened.
  • Liposuction is often used to contour the transition zone.
  • The flap is stitched back into place.

Extended abdominoplasty: An extended abdominoplasty is a complete abdominoplasty plus a lateral thigh lift. The operation does all of the abdominal contouring of a complete abdominoplasty and allows further improvement of the flank (waist), as well as smoothing the contour of the upper lateral thigh.

Floating Abdominoplasty (FAB Technique): This new technique, also known as an extended mini abdominoplasty, allows for tightening and shaping through a smaller incision that isn't placed around the belly button. This smaller incision allows for excess skin to be removed and for the belly button to temporarily be detached, and float above the muscles during this process. The muscles are tightened and reshaped from sternum to pubic area. The skin is then tightened and the belly button is reattached, or moved down one or two cm if desired. Liposuction may also be performed to achieve desirable results.

Circumferential abdominoplasty: A circumferential abdominoplasty is an extended abdominoplasty plus a buttock lift. The resulting scar runs all the way around the body, and the operation is also called a Belt Lipectomy or Body Lift. This operation is most appropriate for patients who have undergone massive weight loss.

Combination procedures: An abdominoplasty is a component of a lower body lift and can be combined with liposuction contouring, breast reduction, breast lift, or occasionally hysterectomy, depending on the reason for the hysterectomy. A popular name for breast enhancement procedures performed in conjunction with an abdominoplasty is a "mommy makeover".


Abdominoplasty Procedure Clinics Lebanon

Procedures and clinics in Lebanon

Beirut Beauty Clinic, Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut Beauty Clinic, Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut Beauty Clinic’s mission is to provide the most advanced and innovative techniques in plastic surgery to meet the utmost patient’s satisfaction. The clinic is a recently established office based plastic surgery facility which offers quality and standardized services. Beirut Beauty Clinic introduces a new era of modern office surgery since our patients enjoy a private and secure facility in a warm and serene atmosphere unlike that of the hospital experience.

Dr. Ziad D. El Asmar, Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. Ziad D. El Asmar, Beirut, Lebanon

For women looking for that younger, healthier look Lebanon offers an array of cosmetic solutions. The surgeons and medical staffs in general are highly qualified and totally dedicated to their patients. The top notch equipment used is another reason that makes Lebanon one of the most sought after destinations for international patients seeking a new self through cosmetic surgery.

For more information about tummy tuck procedures and clinics in Lebanon, do not hesitate to contact us!


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