Innovative Fetal Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis in Kiev Ukraine

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Emcell Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis in Kiev, Ukraine

Innovative Fetal Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis in Kiev, Ukraine

Are you suffering from liver cirrhosis? Are you looking for an innovating treatment? The stem cell therapy for liver cirrhosis in Ukraine may be the solution you’re looking for!

EmCell Clinic (Kiev, Ukraine) was the first medical center in the world that used fetal stem cells for treating patients as a routine procedure. It was also the first clinic in Ukraine that received the license to use stem cells. Since its opening (in 1994), the clinic has performed over 8,500 transplantations of fetal stem cell suspensions to over 4,700 patients from 90 countries.

Liver cirrhosis is a slowly progressing disease in which healthy liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue and eventually the liver is prevented from operating normally. The scar tissue blocks the blood flow to the liver and slows the processing of nutrients, hormones, drugs and toxins produced naturally. Also, these tissues slow down the production of proteins and other substances.

The clinic has experience in chronic hepatitis of different etiology (viral, autoimmune etc.) causing liver cirrhosis with improvements in 58% of the cases.

The stem cell therapy may help patients affected by liver cirrhosis. Stem cells are able to trans-differentiate into hepatocytes and produce substances that promote cell regeneration and repair. There is also the possibility that the stem cells fuse with hepatocytes and direct recovery. Plus, the fetal stem cell method is minimally invasive.

Liver cirrhosis treatment

Day 1

•Blood/urine tests

Examination by EmCell doctors and neurologist

•Additional examinations if necessary

•Cardiac exam

•Treatment (IV infusions and/or injections of fetal stem cells)

•Short rest

N.B. Outdoor activities are not recommended after the first day of the treatment.

Day 2

•Pre-treatment examination by EmCell doctors

•Treatment (IV infusions and/or injections of fetal stem cells)

•Short rest

•Post-treatment session with the doctors

The price is inclusive of:

•Airport-hotel/apartment-airport transfer.

•Everyday hotel/apartment-clinic-hotel/apartment transfer.

•Examinations by specialists.


•Treatment itself (administration of stem cells).

•Medical report.

•Medications if necessary.

•Follow-up after the treatment.

Benefits of the stem cell therapy for liver cirrhosis:

•General health improvement

•Improvement of blood chemistry reflecting functional capacity of the liver

•Good management of the disease

•Reduction of portal hypertension, which lowers the risk of recurrent haemorrhages

•Liver protein synthesis improvement

•Immune boosting (anti-viral immunity)

•Prevention of complications and subsidence of their symptoms at early stages

•Life quality improvement and longer life expectancy

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