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Best Duodenal Switch Surgery in Mexico

Package price starting from: $7950
Treatment: Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Duodenal Switch Surgery
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Affordable Duodenal Switch Surgery in Mexicali, Mexico


What Is A Duodenal Switch?

The duodenal switch procedure, also known as BPD/DS surgery, gets the stomach vertically divided about 80% of the stomach is removed. It will be a smaller, bana-shaped version of your stomach that will continue in its digestive functions. The pyloric valve is left in place so it continues to regulate the food transit into the small intestine.



Duodenal Switch

$6,900 USD

3 hospital nights included



Benefits of a Duodenal Switch Treatment
The benefits of the duodenal switch surgery is that patients are able to eat more food than those who undergo other forms of gastric banding or gastric bypass. Weight loss results are more significant than with other surgeries, and these results are longer lasting due to continued malabsorption. Despite the reduced stomach size being irreversible, the small intestines have the ability to be reattached to their original position, since none of them have actually been removed. However, other medical issues that result from obesity such as stomach ulcers, Type-2 diabetes, and high blood pressure have all been shown to be drastically reduced following this procedure.  One major advantage to the duodenal switch procedure is that super-obese or morbidly obese individuals who might have been turned down for other procedures may qualify for this procedure, and those who have a BMI of 55 or over find this surgery to be very effective. Those who undergo this treatment can expect to see a 60-80% total weight loss.

Providing Quality Healthcare
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All patients should know that they have the option of staying there 1st night upon arrival at there private hospital room at no extra cost, that way they can wake up and have surgery without having to wake up early at the hotel and being transported anywhere.



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