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Get ready for the best weight loss surgery in South Korea at the top clinic under the supervision of expert surgeon. Learn how you should prepare for this surgery in the best possible ways. ...

365mc Obesity Center is a medical professional center that only studies and treats obesity since it opened in 2003 for more than 10 years. It is one of the largest hospitals for liposuction in Asia.  Dr. Kim Nam-Chul is the Representative Director of 365mc Obesity Center and one of the best obesity specialists who had left their mark in the history of obesity treatments worldwide, especially in Asia and he has talked to us about the unique treatments and how the facility caters to medical tourists, for a better understanding of the procedures, as far as international patients are concerned. Read the whole interview here. ...

Tim is a 29-year-old young man who has spent over four years weight training in an effort to transform the shape of his body. Growing increasingly frustrated, he considered alternatives. While he'd been successful in developing muscles in response to his intense physical workouts, he never succeeded in transforming his stomach, nor his "love handles" into muscle. He tried diet, cardio exercise and other sensible weight-loss methods, but the stubborn fat around his midsection never went away. ...

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