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Absolute Health Plus

Bangkok, Thailand
Absolute Health + rejuvenation center is a full service medical clinic specializing in Anti-Aging, Cell Therapy, Cosmetic Applications and Regenerative Medicine. Our Integrative approach in Medicine offers individualized treatment programs for patients of all ages and with various disorders.

Absolute Wellness

Bangkok, Thailand
A healthcare and wellness center offering Total Body Detoxification services and counseling under a good care of well-trained professionals. Customers will experience a safe and comfortable feeling from effective colonic equipment and full amenities. Join us to rebalance, rejuvenate, and reenergize through Absolute Yoga and Rasayana Retreat.

Alcohol Rehab Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand
At Alcohol Rehab Thailand, we work with you around the issues that affect your life adversely. We believe that when the underlying issues are being dealt with, the desire to use drugs or alcohol will lessen. Alcohol is not usually the problem, but is misused as a temporary answer. We will help you find better answers which will benefit you throughout your life. We cannot wave a magic wand and cure you, but you can develop cognitive skills which will help you to stay addiction free and enjoy life.

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Rasayana Retreat

Bangkok, Thailand
A caring and professional holistic health retreat center… specializing in high quality cleansing and detox programs, featuring colon hydrotherapy, herbal bowel cleansing, living raw foods, naturopathic support, and a fabulous selection of massages, reflexology, far infrared sauna and aromatherapy treatments.

TRIA | Integrative Wellness

Bangkok, Thailand
Urban health retreat for those who wish to embrace wellness as a lifestyle... Our integrative wellness philosophy is made possible by a team of specialists, who with our state-of-the-art facilities, have come together to provide you with a comprehensive care that spans all aspects of your health needs.
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