10 Best Dental Crowns Clinics in Izmir, Turkey – 2023

List of Affordable & Best Dental Crowns Clinics in Izmir, Turkey

WESTDENT CLINIC TURKEY is located in Izmir and provides comprehensive dental services using modern equipment to patients worldwide.
Adaport Dental Clinic in Izmir, Turkey offers modern facilities, experienced dental team, and comprehensive treatment options at an affordable price.
Bestify Group is a company providing various cosmetic treatments in Turkey. It specializes mostly in hair transplants, plastic surgery and dentistry. As Bestify Group, we guarantee you an experienced team of professional and personal medical consultants that will assist you 24/7, even upon return to your home country.
Dent Clinic Turkey offers important dental care solution along with medical tourism to explore important historical and cultural centers of Turkey. Read more about the clinic, which is located in Izmir, Turkey.

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Dent Nova Dental Clinic provides best Dental Clinics in Izmir, Turkey. Book online now Dental Implant, Dental Veneer, and Dental Crown at Dent Nova.
Dentaglobal is a dental clinic located in Izmir, Turkey. The offer multi-disciplinary dental services to patients from all over the world, and their procedures include: dental crowns, dental implants, dental veneers, bridgework, root canal treatment, and many more.
Founded in 1999 by The Ağırbaş family, Dentleon Polyclinics team of expert dentists provides cutting-edge dental services to patients worldwide.
Izmir, one of the most fascinating cities in Turkey is where Dr. Nevsin Sener treats her patients in need of great dental work. All international patients who want to smile from ear-to-ear at the wonders of Izmir, Turkey will have a wonderful experience, both in dental and in travel.

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Dr. Tolga Bicakci is a leading dental care provider in Izmir, Turkey. His clinic provides a wide range of advanced and affordable dental care solutions such as dental implants, laminates, smile design, teeth whitening, aesthetic fillings, and more.
My NOVA Dental Clinic is a top dental care center in Izmir, Turkey. They provide high standard of treatment and care to their patients. The key procedures provided at the clinic are Dental Implants, Veeners, Crowns, Smile Makeover, Hollywood Smile, Smile Renovation and more.
A New Teeth located in Izmir, Turkey is one of the finest dental solution providers. The dental clinic is known for providing latest services in Dental Implant, Veneers, Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery. We are not the cheapest place but we are the most quality and healthy place. Take care your health. Pre-operation test procedures Only Talented & Exceptional Dentists Our friendly host personn
Yesilyurt Dental is the best medical center for the Dental Treatments in Izmir, Turkey. You can get best treatment for Aesthetic Dentistry, Orthodontic Treatment, and Prosthetic Dentistry at Yesilyurt Dental. It is time to find and compare your Dental Treatment options here.
Hermes Clinic provides best Plastic and Weight Loss Surgery in Izmir, Turkey. Book online now Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass and Rhinoplasty at Hermes Clinic.
Our corporate, which is an associate of Medifema International Hospital, successfully carries out its operations all over the world with its headquarters in Germany and agencies in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. We have a full-fledged hospital and a physical therapy center in Turkey, the rising star of health tourism, attracts people who would like to travel and be treated at the same time

Clinic Turkey

Izmir, Turkey
ClinicTurkey in Izmir is an international healthcare organization established in 2011. With 19 years of experience in Medical Tourism, ClinicTurkey offers high quality and affordable treatments for the patients from all over the world in plastic surgery, hair loss treatment, medical aesthetics, dentistry, bariatric surgery and many more.

CTG Healthcare Group

Izmir, Turkey
One of the most well-known center offering breast enlargement, face lift, liposuction or cosmetic dentistry... high quality and affordable prices in Turkey

Ekol Hospitals

Izmir, Turkey
Ekol Hospitals is located in the beautiful Izmir, Turkey. The Ekol Hospitals specializes in ENT, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery. Ekol Hospitals is dedicated to the constant pursuit of excellence, committed to high quality medical care, featuring experienced and trained professionals and using the latest technology. In order to contact the medical center, please fill out the contact form.

Izmir Dental Clinic Teras Dental

Izmir, Turkey
A private dental clinic with over 20 years of experience providing the best services of dentistry in Izmir, Turkey. We treat all types of oral and dental diseases. including aesthetic & cosmetic dental treatments.

Kent Hospital

Izmir, Turkey
Kent Hospital is located in the beautiful Izmir, Turkey. The Kent Hospital specializes in Chronic Diseases, Fertility Treatment, Organ Transplant, Cancer Treatment, Plastic and Surgery.

Can Hospitals Group

Izmir, Turkey
Izmir Private Can Hospital provides service in Cigli with 6 operating rooms, 18 newborns, 18 adult intensive care beds and 2 coronary intensive care beds, 95-bed capacity, and 350 employees.

Guide to Dental Crowns in Izmir, Turkey

Welcome to Izmir, Turkey, the land of dental crowns. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a long-term solution to your dental woes, you’ll find plenty of options here. But before you jump in, it’s important to understand the basics of dental crowns and what to expect when visiting a clinic in Izmir.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration that covers the entire visible portion of a tooth. They are used to strengthen a tooth that has been weakened by decay, trauma, or a large filling. Crowns can also be used to improve the appearance of a tooth, or to restore a tooth to its original shape and size.

Benefits of Dental Crowns in Izmir, Turkey

If you’re looking for a way to restore your smile, dental crowns in Izmir, Turkey can be a great option. Crowns can help to strengthen a weakened tooth, improve the appearance of a tooth, and restore a tooth to its original shape and size. They can also help to protect a tooth from further damage.

Risks of Dental Crowns in Izmir, Turkey

As with any dental procedure, there are risks associated with dental crowns. These include the risk of infection, nerve damage, and tooth sensitivity. It’s important to discuss these risks with your dentist before undergoing any procedure.

Cost of Dental Crowns in Izmir, Turkey

The cost of dental crowns in Izmir, Turkey can vary depending on the type of crown used, the complexity of the procedure, and the clinic you visit. Generally, the cost of a crown ranges from $500 to $2,000.

Finding the Right Clinic for Dental Crowns in Izmir, Turkey

When looking for a clinic for dental crowns in Izmir, Turkey, it’s important to do your research. Look for a clinic that has experienced dentists, a good reputation, and a clean and comfortable environment. It’s also important to make sure the clinic offers the type of crown you’re looking for.


Dental crowns in Izmir, Turkey can be a great way to restore your smile. Before undergoing any procedure, it’s important to understand the risks and benefits, as well as the cost. It’s also important to find a clinic that has experienced dentists and a good reputation. With the right clinic, you can be sure you’ll get the best possible results.

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