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Esthetique Clinic and Spa

Clinica y Spa Esthetique offers only highest cosmetic procedures and medical assistance. Dr. Rojas, the surgeon, has exceptional training in mini invasive surgeries with minimal incisions, lipoplasty, liposculpture and fat transfer procedures with local tumescent anesthesia of kleim. He is the founder and President of the Central-American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery, and an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery from USA, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and International Union Of Lipoplasty.

Healthcare Features: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Skin Care, Weight Loss Program

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PlacidWay Costa Rica is the only company in Costa Rica with the expertise and professionalism to deliver outstanding wellness tourism services, always going the extra mile over and above expectations offering treatments such as plastic surgery, dental treatment, heart surgery, eye lasik surgery and a lot more.

Healthcare Features: Addiction Treatment, Age Management, Alternative Medicine, Anti Aging, Ayurveda, Cancer Treatment...More
A Plastic Surgeon - Rodrigo Araya, M.D., San Jose, Costa Rica

Let us help you make the decision to improve the way you look; and, enhance the way you feel… about yourself. Dr. Araya performs many cosmetic surgical procedures, particularly those involving facial rejuvenation. Lifting techniques include those of the neck, face, eyes and forehead... in certain cases minimal incision techniques can be used involving the endoscopes.

Arnoldo Fournier, San Jose, Costa Rica

Dr. Fournier respected and renowned worldwide as a leader in innovative Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery, has been a Cosmetic and Aesthetic surgery pioneer located in Costa Rica. He has more than 20 years experience, and his patients are the result of the word of mouth from other patients who were more than satisfied with both his personal care, and with their post-surgery results. Dr. Fournier performs ALL the surgeries himself; he is in all the pre and post surgeries consultations, and he keeps in contact with his patients after the surgeries.


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Better Looks, Costa Rica, Costa Rica

We are focused on esthetics and personal care, providing people the look of their dreams at affordable prices and with the best treatment possible. We facilitate your travel to Costa Rica for plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry procedure performed at a very competitive price keeping the global standards in plastic surgery – with the added value of Costa Rica's natural beauty and peaceful relaxation.

CIMA Hospital San Jose, San Jose, Costa Rica

Owned by International Hospital Corporation, Texas based company that owns and operates high-quality healthcare facilities in Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil as well. We provide a full range of diagnostic, emergency medical and surgical services, including cosmetics, heasrt care, orthopedics, pediatric care, urology, vascular surgery, dentistry, diagnostic services, intensive care units etc. among others.

Clinica Rivera | Cosmetic Surgery, San Jose, Costa Rica

Clinica Rivera, located in San Jose, Costa Rica, is one of the best cosmetic and plastic surgery centers in the country, offering an incomparable level of care throughout the patient's plastic surgery journey.

Costa Rica Newlook, San Jose, Costa Rica

We specialize in treating men and woman who wish to improve their appearance with cosmetic surgery or reconstructive surgery. For us, it is most important to understand, assess and share our patient's emotions on how plastic surgery will change their lives. We offer an alternative in Costa Rica for plastic surgery and weight loss programs, including travel arrangements, for numerous cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery procedures.


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Costagenics Medical Spa, San Jose, Costa Rica

The best medical tourism, Age Management and Spa center in Costa Rica… a whole new concept on complete care where your body and soul may find an oasis of peace and beauty. Medical treatments will provide you a better quality of life in age management, where you will rejuvenate from a scientific source. Our qualified Medical Staff may recommend and coordinate everything so you can look as good as you feel with our medical Tourism Program. A team of Plastic surgeons, dentistry specialists and lasik surgery surgeons will make sure that you look and feel your best. The spa treatments, massages and facial treatments will guarantee that you reach full and complete wellness.

Dr. Alberto J. Arguello Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, San Jose, Costa Rica

Dr. Arguello, a meticulous plastic surgeon, who has the privilege of being a Costa Rican, strongly believes that one of the main keys to his success is the strong patient-surgeon relationship. He is always available for his patients, any time, any day of the 365 days of the year. He is very subtle and realistic about his patient’s expectations and likes personalized care. All his surgical and non surgical materials are FDA approved.

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