Get Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment in Izmir, Turkey

Medical tourism is growing fast, particularly in Turkey. Hardly surprising when high tech dental work can cost 70 percent less than in the UK. Throw in warm sun and highly qualified medical professionals fluent in English and hordes of middle class Brits will travel, as CTG Healthcare's Cagdas Sonmez and Berfu Tokman explain.

It's a difficult-to-resist recipe: top quality high tech dental surgery; astonishing low prices; a warm, agreeable climate; no waiting list hassle. Oh, and perhaps a relaxing dip in the hotel pool afterwards. CTG Healthcare has been providing top quality dental work for an increasing number of British people fed up with high prices and lengthy NHS waiting lists for some time.

No surprise that CTG, based in historic Izmir, host to many international cultural festivals, has snapped up Overseas Living's Best Dental Clinic in Turkey award. "We're hugely pleased with this award," says CTG's Cagdas Sonmez, a chief patient co-ordinator at the flourishing healthcare company. "It really recognises the up-to-the-minute high quality work we've been doing for a long time."

The rewards for their clients are only too obvious: Increased confidence about personal appearance is the obvious benefit out is to the highest international standards. Plus the sheer value for money offered.

UK-based consultation facilities
Medical tourism across Europe is growing at a stupendous pace. Turkey, with its unusually high number of qualified dentists, is now estimated to attract more than 150,000 visitors to the country, many of them British. These numbers are expected to rise as Turkey's unique set of attractions as a wellness centre – spa resorts with natural hot springs, mud baths and advanced medical facilities – become less of a secret. It’s a potent combination twinned to Turkey's expanding access to budget European airlines.

As far as CTG Healthcare goes, they are now building on their British client success with a brand new clinic in London, so that client needs can be established before the trip to Turkey, as well as any after-op needs. "This clinic does not perform operations, but it enables our clients to consult with our staff before they travel, so we get a very clear idea of what work needs to be done," says Cagdas Sonmez. "It also means if there is any after care work needed, clients' don’t need to travel all the way back to Turkey; they can simply have the work done in our London clinic." That’s a huge plus in favour of this system and should, believes Sonmez, bring increased peace of mind, especially for first-timers.

Men lose their inhibitions
Large consumer goods companies like P&G and Unilever have known for some years that men's grooming is on the rise. But the scale of this interest, says CTG's Sonmez, is now snowballing. "I would say 10 years ago less than 10 percent of our clients were men. Today men comprise 30 percent of our client base. That's a 300 percent rise in real terms."

Sonmez says men typically come to CTG for dental needs. "It's the same for women. Dental implants and teeth whitening are our most popular treatments." That's not too surprising when the costs are added up. Punch these numbers into a calculator says Sonmez: major dental and whitening work can cost £2,000 plus in the UK he says. “But in Turkey, the costs are closer to £500. The material quality and the brand names used are the same you would find in the UK. However our much lower running costs make it possible to offer these low prices to clients."

Opting for dental surgery in Turkey is not just about saving money and high quality results. It's also about giving yourself a welldeserved holiday. For example, CTG, based in the beautiful city of Izmir, is a short journey from such sites such as Ephesus and Pergamum, not to mention the amazing beaches at Çesme and Kusadasi. "If you'd rather not stray so far then you can always enjoy a nice ferry tour on Izmir bay or even a yacht tour for a few days on the Aegean Sea," advises Sonmez. Or you can simply take things at your own pace by exploring Izmir and its environs at your leisure."

Of course it takes some guts to travel for dental work to a foreign country. CTG Healthcare is well aware such trips can sound daunting. However CTG's commitment to quality is built into its business ethos from the start. The cornerstone of this is strong internal regulation. "Turkish dental professionals must study dental care for 10 years before they become specialists and each dentist of ours is a member of the Turkish Dental Association. CTG professionals are also certified by the Board of the National Medical Association for General Surgery.

New dental clinic Opening in November
CTG will open a brand new $4m dental clinic in November in order to treat more patients and extend their range of services. This new clinic will comprise up to 14 dental chair areas and two surgery rooms Award-winning CTG's range of dental services includes:

  • Tooth whitening
  • Composites
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Mouthguards
  • Orthodontic
  • Periodontal Scaling
  • Laminate Veneers
  • Posterior Porcelain
  • Inlay/Onlay
  • Root Canal
  • Sealants
  • Teeth Cleaning

enabling the clinic to treat up to 100 patients in one day. Its location is in downtown Izmir in the heart of the city next to the International Fair. This new clinic will offer:

  • Emergency and initial examination clinic open 24/7
  • Branch-based clinical design,
  • Surgery, oral surgery, root cell applications
  • Orthodontics (child, youth, adult)
  • Prosthesis (fixed, removable, total, aesthetic, supra-implant)
  • Soft and hard laser use
  • One-hour implant-supported fixed prosthesis unit
  • Treatment unit for Labial and Palatal clefts
  • Jaw fracture treatment

It will accommodate a dinner hall and special rest areas, and a shuttle bus service will operate for certain patients. It also accommodates a hall for training practices. This new clinic will enhance CTG's standards even further, helping the group maintain it's A+ standards while allowing the group to extend their staff training and customer care programme. The very latest technology Naturally CTG Healthcare's Dental Centre incorporates the latest technologies in dentistry: intraoral camera, laser teeth whitening, new generation equipment, specialised operating rooms, dental laboratories, etc. The surgeries are fully equipped – every surgery is an individual world in itself. The combination of well-equipped treatment rooms manned by highly qualified dentists, spacious, air-conditioned waiting rooms and above all a strong patient-doctor relationship all helps to ease and eliminate whatever anxiousness clients' may have about dental treatment. All the specialised stations meet the international hygiene and quality standards.

The CTG Dental Izmir Investment and Operation project was prepared to render healthcare services within ethical values through state-of-theart technology by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gulay Vural and DDS. Ph.D. Mehmet Sonmez.

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